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Overhead vs underground power lines | Which will be convenient to use?


Overhead vs underground power lines – When we hear the word power line, the image of an overhead line comes to our mind first. This is very normal because we are used to seeing overhead lines in our country.

Won’t that be great, if this power line is placed deep under the ground?

Just think, there are no messy cables over your head. How tidy and beautiful the surroundings will be; just like a city in Europe! Now the question will arise -“Why it is necessary to use overhead lines?” Let’s see from Overhead vs underground power lines, which one of the two is more convenient.

Overhead vs underground power lines

Installation Cost:

First of all, suppose you are using this underground line. Initially, you will have to spend a lot to replace this line. It costs twice as much as installing overhead lines. In many cases, this may cost 5-10 times higher. So it is really a white elephant for the undeveloped countries.

Overhead vs underground power lines chance Of Accident:

The chances of an accident on the underground lines are very low. There is a saying that good things are worth more.

Installation Of The transformer:

The transformer is placed on H-type poles in the overhead distribution line. On the other hand, the transformation in the underground line is equipped with a separate platform room.

Contraction And Distention:

This line cannot be contracted or expanded once the manhole, duct, etc is set up. But in the overhead line, compression-expansion is possible as required.

The Fault Of Line:

The errors in this line are much less. On the other hand, there are many defects in the overhead line. However, if there is a problem in the underground line, a lot of work has to be done to fix it.

Maintenance Cost:

Considering the cost of maintenance, the underground system is good. Because it is protected from lightning, thunder, wind, ice, etc.

Surge Volt Protection :

Protection is not required for surge volts in the underground line.

Beauty Enhancement :

The underground line helps to enhance the beauty of the environment. Certainly, you are wondering which of the two is more convenient then. Suppose you choose a friend between two peoples, First-person has a quality level of 8 out of 10, and the second people have a quality level of 5 out of 10. So definitely the first person quality is better than to compare to the second one. Similarly, the benefits of underground lines are numerous.

Courtesy goes to: Senior Technical Writer Iqbal Mahmood

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