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The Story Behind The Transmission Line

Is current flow is possible without a transmission line? What is the story behind the transmission line? Can we transform 1,32,000 kV from generating station to 11000 kV by a step-down transformer and send it to the customer or industry?

The question is logical. But there is the logic behind every logic. And we will crack the logic with logic. Today we will know about the story behind the transmission line.

Mango and Transmission Line 

Suppose your uncle is a mango businessman in Houston. He will collect mango from producers and send it to you and your brother. You live in Los Angeles and your brother lives in Chicago. You both have a business of mango. Now the question is, will the mango will get rotten by the time? Now the answer can be the mango sent in Los Angeles have the possibility to get rotten.  Because Chicago is near Houston than Los Angeles.  The current flow is as same as the mango.

Mango and Transmission Line

It will increase system loss if we directly send electricity from generating station to the customer. Because electricity has to go by river, lake, hills on the way to the stepdown transformer from generating station. The system loss will increase due to long distances.

Can We Solve the Problem if the Generating Station is Near Residential Area?

Generating stations have to be situated at a far distance from residential areas. There is a geographical regulation. Because the chemicals of the plant can pollute the environment. And it is very dangerous for humans. That’s why we need an intermediate grid system. And this work is done by the power grid system.

Speed of a Ball and Transmission Line 

Suppose you kicked a ball at your friend who is 100 feet away from you. Now the ball will lose speed over time. Maybe it won’t reach. But if you have another friend in between, your ball will reach your friend who is 100 feet away from you. 

Ball and Transmission Line

We can say that a transmission line is a bridge between the generation and distribution sections for continuous power flow. We can not think of power flow without a transmission line.

Hope you got to know the story behind the transmission line.

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