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Why is My Light Switch Hot?

What is Switch?

A switch is the boss of all electrical devices. Devices work according to the direction of the switch. The electrical switch is a type of controlling device, which is used for controlling current or electron flow in an electrical circuit. It is also called the controlling device of an electrical circuit. 

Suppose, you came home from the office. You made lemon juice in a blender for yourself.

Now you are drinking juice under the fan at full speed. You are refreshing yourself. Suddenly, a storm has started. Cool wind is blowing. You went to switch off the fan, but the switch is very hot. Why the switch is hot? Today we will discuss why is my light switch hot?

Refreshing juice
Refreshing Juice

Why is My Light Switch Hot?

  • The main reason for the switch getting hot is, for using a switch for a long time, or it can be dirty inside or it can be rusty.
  • And this rust creates problems in current flow like resistance. 
  • If the amount of dirt or rust is excessive, it can cause a fire.
  • Because of the temperature, it can melt the upper cover of the switch and cause an accident.
  • So, it is better not to use this type of switch. If you find this type of switch, turn it off immediately. 
  • Another reason for the heat is, some switch works at low voltage.
  • Their cover is made of plastic and the bit is low quality. 
  • It can work under 50-100 voltage. But if the limit exceeds it gets hot.
  • That’s why always use good quality switches for AC current.
  • Also, phase neutral short can cause heat and can cause shock.
why is my light switch hot

What We Can Do?

  • Use the good quality switch.
  • Avoid switches with plastic covers.
  • Stay alert while placing the switchboard. 

As electric devices are useful for us, but also they can cause harm because of a lack of maintenance, control.  So we should use high-quality electric devices in our homes and maintain them. So we can avoid any kind of accident.

That’s all for today’s article. Hope now you understand why is my light switch hot?

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