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3 Phase Indicator Light Wiring | Voltage Testing

We used the 3 phase indicator light wiring of all-electric induction motors and other equipment in the power wiring or three-phase, four-wire system, but we did not disregard the neutral or ground wire.

The neutral wire was necessary to complete the circuit in many locations. But it’s also crucial to understand that the main power supply wire is not cut or broken and that every phase of our lines, or three phases, is receiving power properly.

In order to test or determine whether our three-phase supply is functioning properly, we use LED indicators. This post also includes an indicator wiring diagram.

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Yes, we make this connection on each main 3-phase panel board because it is crucial. In this article, I’ll present two wiring diagrams for LED light indicators, one of which is an image+diagram and the other a symbol diagram.

How To Connect A LED Light Indicator To A 3 Phase, 4-Wire System

So, let’s start by talking about the image diagram I created for you to better understand. In addition to the 220-volt light bulb indicators with a three-phase, four-wire supply that is in need of 220-volt LED indicators, I have also included them below.

Due to the fact that an AC indicator has two terminals or links where the electrical supply is in connection, we will wire three light indicators when wiring a three-phase system. As shown in the diagram below, we first connect the neutral/ground wire to all the indicators before connecting the one-one phase to the indicators.

3 Phase Indicator Light Wiring for 3 Phase 4 Wire System
3 Phase Indicator Light Wiring for 3 Phase 4 Wire System

The LED indicator image diagram above is only for your convenience. However, I realize that you can’t fully understand everything from this diagram, so I also created an indicator symbol wiring diagram, which I’ve included below.

Light Indicator Wiring Diagram for 3 Phase 4 Wire System
Light Indicator Wiring Diagram for 3 Phase 4 Wire System

In the symbol diagram above, I depicted a three-phase power source with a 440-volt output and three 220-volt light indicators. Take note that the voltage between the neutral and phase will be 220 volts and the voltage between the two phases will be 440 volts, but only in certain locations.

Wired indicators for the three phases, as shown in the diagrams above.

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