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How to Maintain the Electrical Substation Safety Distance from Living Place?

Summer days are so hot. We turn on the fan for some relief. The Electricity must be coming from a substation. But have we thought that, how near a substation should be? How much should be the distance from the residential area? Today we will discuss Electrical substation safety distance. But first I will talk about substations. 

There is nothing new to talk about substation. We have already discussed substation in other articles. Now let’s understand substation in a different way. Think about social function.

There is a manager in the function management. He controls employees or workers under him. Some handle accounts, some gather information and some are working as security. Now compare this function with the substation system. 

Electrical substation safety distance

Here transformer is the manager. He controls the voltage and takes them to a manageable level. Generally, a step-down transformer is used in the grid and distribution substation. In grid substation, 230/132,132/33,400/230,400/132 and 33/11 kV are used in the distribution substation. 

Then the minimized voltage is measured by the potential transformer. And the high current caused by the voltage is measured by the current transformer. We can compare the potential and current transformer with the employees who handle accounts. And the workers who are following the instructions of the manager (transformer), can be compared to switching devices like relays, and isolators. 

Now let’s come to the security. There is a security of substation, which is a circuit breaker. If any fault occurs in the substation, the circuit breaker trips and saves the substation from accidents. An SF6 circuit breaker is used in grid substations and a vacuum circuit breaker in distribution substations. The workers who invite guests can be compared with the power line carrier/SCADA system of the substation. 

What should be the distance between the substation and the residential area?/Electrical substation safety distance

The distance between the substation and the residential area should be of minimum 100 yard or 300 feet. 11 kV feeder lines from the transformer enters into the distribution substation which is situated in H type pole, and is 300 feet away from the residential area. 

Electrical substation safety distance

Why there should be a minimum distance between the substation and the residential area?

We imagine huge power control devices as soon as we hear substation. I have mentioned electromagnetic devices like power transformer, current transformer, and potential transformer which continuously radiates electromagnetic wave. An electromagnetic wave is very harmful to the human body. That’s why there should be a minimum distance between the substation and the residential area.

That was all for today.

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