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Electrical Substation Commissioning Procedure for 230 / 132 kV Line


You must have heard of commissioning. Especially who work in substations, commissioning is not a new term for them. Recently I met with a friend who works in a 230/132 kV substation. So I got to know something from him about the Electrical substation commissioning procedure. Today I will share our discussion with you guys.

Electrical Substation Commissioning Procedure/What is substation commissioning? 

Commissioning means if substation equipment like a transformer, switchgear system (relay, circuit breaker, auto re-closer), or tower insulation are in an effective condition, and taking necessary steps if needed. After commissioning it is a must to report to the authority. Usually commissioning is done once a year and sometimes it’s 6 months. 

Electrical substation commissioning procedure

How commissioning is done in 230/132 kV substation? 

Generally, 230/132 kV substation is a power grid substation. Voltage made by the generator is transformed into high voltage by step-up. High voltage line enters the grid traveling a long distance and crossing many rivers, and hills.

If voltage is excessive, it is stepped down by several steps. Usually, for 230 kV transmission volt, grid substation is used in two steps. The first step is, transforming 230 kV into 132 kV. Again transforming 132 kV into  33 kV.

The tests have to be done during the commissioning 230/132 kV substation:

Insulation Test of Transformer

We have to do the insulation test of 230/132 transformer of the power grid substation. Because insulation can be damaged due to rain, fog, and other reasons. So we have to test the insulation of bushing and winding of primary and secondary sides of the transformer. This test is also called the tan delta test.

Testing Lightning Arrester Effectiveness 

A lightning arrester is an important device for a substation. It protects high-power equipment from thunder. It’s necessary to check the lightning arrester. 

Test of Current

Transformer and Potential Transformer

We have to check the high voltage and current measuring device CT, and PT‘s coil.

SF6 Circuit Breaker Test

Usually, power grid substations use an SF6 circuit breaker. The breakers’ contact, inlet, outlet gas chamber, and the effectiveness of gas have to be tested. 

Testing the Body Resistance of Tower

The body resistance of the tower must be tested to avoid short circuit accidents.

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If you have any questions on the Electrical substation commissioning procedure, you can ask in the comment.

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