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How does an Electric Motor Work for Class 10 Students

In this article, you will learn that How does an electric motor work for class 10 students. It’s fascinating to see a rotating motor. In childhood, we used to take the DC motor out of our toys and enjoy seeing them rotate. But we never thought about how this Motor is rotating? How is it possible? It’s a surprise that many BSc or diploma students are still unaware of the basics and not clear about this topic. Lets learn about the mystery of Motor’s torque. 

How does an electric motor work for class 10 students

Motor, generator, transformer devices are mainly based on electromagnetic theory. If you have a clear concept of electromagnetism, you will understand more of this article. As How does an electric motor work for class 10 students article, we will describe the easy way.

We all are familiar with the magnet bar. If we hang a magnet bar in the air, it will always face north-south because the earth is a big electromagnetic field. The flasks of the electromagnetic field always enter the direction of north to south. That’s why magnet bar always wants to stay in the same direction. It is a general characteristic of a magnet. It’s similar to human nature who wants to be friends or align with the same people. If you rotate the electromagnetic field, the magnet bar will also rotate with the electromagnetic field. 

A practical example is that if you have a good friend, his nature will affect yours, and you will try to follow him. The electromagnetic field and magnet bar’s friendship is no different. This is the mystery of the rotation of Motor. So we came to know that the rotation of the Motor is based on two factors: rotating magnetic field and still magnetic field, which follows moving electromagnetic field. 

The mystery behind rotating magnetic field

  •  It can be done by a magnet bar. You have to rotate it. Another way is electric flow. You have heard about electromagnet.
  • We all know that when electricity flows continuously through a coil, it creates a magnetic or electromagnetic field. 
  • You must have heard of the solenoid. If you give a wire the shape of the solenoid and flow one way DC, a magnetic field will be created, and it will be similar to magnet bars magnetic field. Because of the DC, the coil will act as a short circuit. As DC has no up-down, the frequency remains zero. So there will be no changing magnetic field. It will be a still magnetic field.
  • Now the question must be how we can create a rotating magnetic field? There is an interesting way to create a rotating magnetic field. The way is to use 3 phase supply because the 3 phase has up-down or frequency. 
  • There are 3 phase wires in an electricity flow and distribution line. Though these wires have the same amount of electricity flow, they have some differences. Each wire’s electricity flow has a 120° angle difference between them. 
  • But this difference has created a huge advantage. For example, if we give a 3 phase supply in a motor winding, a rotating magnetic field will be made. 

If we put a magnet in the middle of the rotating magnetic area, it will follow the rotation and will rotate itself. Now our motor part is done. Because magnetic fields, similar poles attract, and opposite poles distract each other. We can imagine still and rotating magnetic field as friends where still magnetic field tries to follow the rotating magnetic field. 

How an induction motor rotates / How does an electric motor work for class 10 students

The above-discussed Motor is not an induction motor. Instead, it is the asynchronous Motor because its rotation speed is similar to rotating magnetic fields speed.

In induction motors, there is no use of a magnet in the middle area. Another coil is used instead of it. At the beginning of inventing the generator, Michael Faraday gave a theory. And the theory is known to us all. If we put a Dynamic or changing magnetic field in a coil, an electromotive force or voltage will be created. Huge generating plants are standing based on this law. It is called electromagnetic induction. I have mentioned before that coil with an electric flow acts like a magnet. 

Now I will explain more easily to understand better if the topic is still not clear to you. Suppose you have no friend. You have created an imaginary friend inside you, and you try to follow him. In childhood, we often did this.

The topic is quite similar to our childhood imaginary friend. Suppose I created an EMF in a coil through a rotating magnetic field. Now the coil will create its magnetic field using the EMF. In this magnetic induction process, I have replaced the magnet with a coil. We call it an induction motor. Now the mystery behind the induction motor is clear to us. This is all about the How does an electric motor work for class 10 students. If you have any query, let us know in comment about How does an electric motor work for class 10 students.

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