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How Long Will It Take to Get to the Sun | Parker Solar Probe Mission Patch

Do you know how long will it take to get to the sun? Are you getting surprised by seeing the title? Is it possible to take pictures of the sun from a short distance? Nasa has done this impossible job. Nasa has witnessed a sun storm 3.9 million miles away from the sun. Let’s find out Parker Solar Probe Mission Patch & let’s see what we will learn from this article:

Solar wind from the sun ran towards the earth and other planets. But suddenly it went back to the sun again. Then it came back with small particles like protons, electrons. This all happened in the solar system. But it was not equal for all areas. The incident was like the solar wind forgot something then went back. And got its important things. Scientists have named this solar wind ‘delusion’. Its speed is almost 900-1000 km per second and the temperature is 1 million degrees, Calvin. Scientists thought solar wind is one way but the parker solar probe proved it wrong. Today we will know about the parker solar probe mission patch.

What is Parker’s Solar Probe? / Parker Solar Probe Mission Patch

Parker solar probe is the first spaceship to round around the solar corona.  This corona is not a coronavirus. This is a surface near the sun which has a million-degrees celsius temperature. Coronal plasma and the structure of magnetic field and dynamics activate strong particles. It does this by heating solar particles and solar wind. It went to the mission for getting the answer of how long will it take to get to the sun.

The Reason Behind ‘Solar Parker Probe’ Name

Solar astrophysicist Eugene Newman Parker first named the solar wind. By giving honor, the spaceship is named after him.


  1. Its aluminium surface helps to reduce the temperature.
  2. It has a white ceramic coating, carbon foam, barrier coating, heat shield. 
  3. Spaceship system and the shield is in the center of shadow. It prevents direct heat from the sun. If there is no shield between the spaceship and the sun, the mission will be turned off within a few seconds. 
  4. It will take 8 minutes for contacting to earth by radio. So the solar probe has to do the job fast. 
  5. It uses 4 light sensors.
  6. To maintain the secondary solar panel and the operating temperature it uses pumped fuel cooling.
  7. To reduce the demand for temperature protection systems, there is high perihelion.
parker solar probe
Parker Solar Probe


  • The term parker solar probe has come from the Fields and particles group – national report in 1958. Which proposed missions for entering ‘solar probe’.
  • Nasa felt the importance to study the orbit of Venus, and the particles, fields around the sun in the 70th and 80th centuries. But due to huge expenses, it got declined. 
  • In 1990, the solar probe mission program was arranged at less expense. The first three missions of this program were: Solar Orbiter, the Pluto and Kuiper belt reconnaissance Pluto Kuiper Express mission, and the Europa Orbiter astrobiology mission focused on Europa.
  • In a real solar probe design, it took gravity from Jupiter to enter pole orbit. Which almost got near the sun. It also rotated important solar poles and got near the surface.
  • In this expensive mission, it needed a radioisotope heat generator for solar radiation’s difference and electricity.
  • After Shan and Kifi joined as professors, in 2003 the program got canceled for a federal budget of the USA at the request of President George W. Bush. 
  • Finally, the desire of touching the sun, parker solar probe started the journey on 12 August 2018
  • No one could think to get near the sun this whole time because of the intense temperature. But NASA made this impossible mission possible. They informed that solar wind is rotating the sun and they are coming towards planets and sub planets while rotating. The solar probe has informed us that there is no dust in a huge area of the sun. Scientists are guessing the area as a ‘dust-free zone’.

Why It is Dust-Free?

Because of the temperature of the sun, there is no dust.

Facts About How long Will It Take to Get to the Sun

  1. It can rotate the sun at 690,000 km speed. It means, we can travel to Tokyo from New York in 1 minute at this speed.
  2. It can gather information from 6 million km away from the sun.
  3. One of the scientists of this project Dr. Nicky Fox said that ”I know 6 million km doesn’t seem to be near but if we think the distance of the earth’s surface and the sun is 1 meter, then the probe will be just 1 centimeter far from the sun.”

Hope you got the answer to how long will it take to get to the sun.

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