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How to Troubleshoot a Transformer?

The disease is common in the human body. The same goes for devices. We recover by taking medicine and devices get recovered by detecting problems, troubleshooting, and taking proper steps. Transformers can also face the disease. And it can cause various issues. Today we will discuss the problems of transformers and how to troubleshoot a transformer?

How to Troubleshoot a Transformer? / Solution for Each Problem

Primary and secondary coil gets opened

It is one of the main problems of the transformer. Sometimes one or more phases of the primary and secondary coil can be opened for loose terminal connection. As a result, current flow can be turned off, on the supply-side or load side.


Repair the connection of the supply-side or load side. Winding can be changed if needed.

Short circuit of the primary and secondary coil

Sometimes primary or secondary coil can get short circuit because of temperature reasons. It can cause electric accidents or fire. Also, a short circuit can be caused by weak insulation. 


If the coil gets burnt it’s better to change it. The transformer can be changed if needed.

Rust in the laminated core 

Another problem with the transformer is rust in its laminated core. We know that the main part Of the transformer is the core and coil. One is considered as heart another is the liver.

And these parts are essential for the human body. If there is rust in the core it can’t work properly. If the core can’t work properly there is a high chance of hysteresis loss and temperature will increase.


Clean the rust of the core and change the core if necessary.

laminated core
Laminated Core

Overloading problem 

Suppose, if you carry weight more than your capacity, what will be your condition? The same is for transformers. It has a fixed load capacity. If it exceeds the capacity, it will cause an overloading problem.

The alarm circuit connected with the Buchholz relay gets activated for the overloading problem. 


Using pure Pyranol oil will help cool the transformer while overloading.

Damage of the insulation of bushing

We all have seen the bushing of the transformer. There is two or three horn-like part in the transformer’s head. And this part is the bushing. Not only in transformer, but there is also busing in high power circuit breaker. 

The bushing is a swell insulator used in power devices. It helps the conductor wire to enter in conductor surface without any electric touch. Usually, it is made of porcelain. It can be made with other insulating materials.

Bushing has a fixed capacity for tolerating electromagnetic pressure.  And this capacity is called dielectric strength. When this capacity exceeds, bushing gets damaged or a short circuit happens.


There must be arrangements for substation or local pole commission for every six months. Transformer tan delta test or insulation test has to be done carefully.


Entrance of water vapor in Pyranol oil

If water vapor enters Pyranol oil, it can cause damage to the quality.


Proper maintenance of the breather and keep the transformer dry.

Pyranol oil leakage in transformer

Pyranol oil leakage can cause fire explosion in a substation.


Stones have to be used for preventing the spatter of oil.

That’s all for today’s article ‘how to troubleshoot a transformer?’

Hope now you have a clear concept of how to troubleshoot a transformer? If you have any queries feel free to ask in the comment.

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