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What is the Zero Power Factor?

Power factor is not an unknown topic for us. But still, some questions roam in our heads.

We have heard of power factor leading, lagging, even unity. Have you ever thought, can the power factor be zero? And In which condition? Today we will discuss the zero power factor.

Power factor and Romeo Juliet

First, we will discuss the definition. But we will discuss this in a different way. How about romantically? 

Voltage and current are like a romantic couple. They always want to stay close. And their closeness will increase the power factor. That’s why we try to decrease their distance by PFI panel.

And if this couple ( voltage and current)  stays far from each other, it increases the phase angle between them and decreases the power factor. And your company will also face loss. And if they are in the same phase it would be great. Power factor will go to unity.

what is zero power factor
Power Factor

If we say generally, the cosine value of the angle between current and voltage is the power factor. The power factor indicates the percentage of electricity we need. The power factor’s value is 0-1.

The power factor is indicated by cosθ and θ is the angle between voltage and current. If the angle increases, the power factor decreases. And when the angle decreases, the cosine value or power factor increases. 

Can the power factor be zero? Is zero power factor possible?

Theoretically, the power factor can be zero. If your used load is Pure inductive/capacitive then the power factor can be zero. 


We know current stays at 90° angle with voltage in lagging/leading condition on inductive/capacitive load. And if we put the value in the power factor equation we will get a zero.

What is this condition? This condition indicates there is reactive power all over the system. That means there is no real power. 

Power Factor = Real Power/Apparent Power

As real power is zero power factor is also zero. There is no such power system where is no real power. If a motor is an inductive load its rotor will rotate by real power.

If you think hypothetically, the motor will completely shut down if there is no real power. The power system will be ruined for reactive components.  

We know, I= P/cosθ


It means if the power factor is zero it will take infinite current. So the chances of a short circuit are also high.

That was all for today’s article ‘what is the zero power factor?’

I hope, now you understood the zero power factor. If you want to ask any questions, you can ask in the comment section.

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