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What is a Buck-Boost Transformer?

A buck-boost transformer is a transformer, which adjusts the voltage of AC machines. Its power is calculated in kVA unit rating. Let’s have a detailed discussion on what is a buck-boost transformer?

In How Much Frequency It Will Work?

Buck-boost transformer only works in alternating current. The transformers only change current and voltage but they don’t change frequency. Buck-boost transformers can run at 50/60 Hz in AC device rated voltage.

what is a buck-boost transformer
Buck-boost Transformer

Practical Field

  • Buck-boost transformers are used in UPS for computers.
  • These are used in various fields in the tanning bed industry. 
  • Buck-boost transformers are used for adjusting the power of the control and lightning circuits or the circuits with voltage lower than 12,16,24,32,48 voltage.
  • It can also be used as isolating transformer.
  • A buck-boost with a 10% boost rate can take 208 AC supply voltage to 229 AC supply voltage.

What is the difference between a buck-boost transformer and an autotransformer?

If the primary and the secondary side is connected electrically to a buck-boost transformer, it is considered an autotransformer.


How Buck-Boost Transformer Works?

Let’s dig in deep and know what is a buck-boost transformer?

  • It has two or four windings connected in various ways for getting voltage and kVA output.
  • Buck-boost transformers with two winds can only be connected in one way.
  • The output voltage is a function of input voltage changes then the percentage of output will also get changed.
  • The input voltage will be sent to the primary winding and it will change its voltage according to the configuration. Then the changed voltage will be sent to the connected device.
  • Most of the buck-boost transformers are used at the end of the line to increase the necessary voltage.
  • It is also used for controlling the voltage of the feeder far from the main transformer.

Why You Will Use a Buck-Boost Transformer?

  • Buck-boost transformers have many advantages over other transformers.
  • Buck-boost transformers are efficient.
  • They are light weighted.
  • They have different types of applications.

Why Buck-Boost Transformer is Not Used in the Distribution Line?

  • We know the primary and secondary side of the distribution transformer is electrically isolated.
  • In the electromagnetic induction process, current goes from supply-side to load side. But in the buck-boost transformer supply side and load side is connected electrically. Which can cause a short- circuit.
  • The distribution transformer has an overloading problem detection system. That’s why using a distribution system is best.
  • Buck-boost transformer has no circuit tripping system even it has no neutral connection.

Choosing the Right Buck-Boost Transformer

  1. Phase choosing: Choose a single or three-phase accordingly.
  2. Input line voltage: Choose supply or line voltage in the installation site for connecting the transformer. You can measure the volt with a voltmeter.
  3. Load voltage: Choose the right voltage to run the load connected with the transformer.
  4. Frequency: We should test the supply line’s supply frequency and lad frequency if they are the same.
  5. Load current or kVA: Choose the kVA or load current of the load which will be connected by the transformer. It can also be mentioned in the device’s nameplate.

That’s all for today’s article ‘what is a buck-boost transformer?’

Hope it was helpful for you to understand what is a buck-boost transformer? If you have any questions in your mind please ask in the comment section.

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