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Why My Circuit Breaker is Tripping?

Do you know how to find what is tripping my circuit breaker? Sadik went to his grandpa’s home during summer vacation. He traveled by train and went to the village. At night, Sadik and his cousins were listening to spooky stories from their grandma. The silent environment with the sound of grigs was very enjoyable. The electricity system was not that good.

They had a light in the yard. Its control was connected with a breaker. Suddenly, the light was dimming. Sadik and his cousins became afraid. They wondered if the ghost had appeared there?

But actually, there was no ghost. After calling the electrician, he confirmed that the circuit breaker was problematic. Even your light can have a circuit breaker problem. So, today we will not discuss ghosts but we will discuss how to find what is tripping my circuit breaker.

Common Circuit Breaker Problems/How to find What is Tripping My Circuit Breaker

Leakage Current Flow for The Wrong House Wiring

If you have a problem with the wiring of your electrical system, it can cause problems for the breaker. After turning off your electricity for the current line fault, there may be still leakage current in the circuit.

Electric shock and fire are common effects of the faulty current line. If any fault occurs, it has to be done by an experienced electrician.

The Device and Outlet isn’t Working Properly or isn’t Responding 

Suppose, you touched the outlet and got a shock. Then you are smelling something odd.  In this situation, you have to turn off the main breaker and don’t turn on the circuit before calling an electrician. 

Sometimes, burned plastic and electric materials smell like hydrogen sulfide gas or rotten egg. You shouldn’t use extension cords you have at your home for a permanent solution. Use these temporarily.

If you need more outlets, call your electrician. Try to know about extended cord safety tips of USFI

Circuit Breaker Panel
Circuit Breaker Panel

Dimmed Light

If you notice dimmed light of your bulb, then you have a circuit problem. For example, if you use high power devices like a space heater or HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system and it’s connected in a series circuit with your bulb or you use a common breaker, then you may have dimmed light.

In simple words, if there is any high power load in the system it will want to have most of the voltage. 

how to find what is tripping my circuit breaker
Dimmed Light

Spark and Shock

Spark may occur if the connection of the circuit breaker and wire connection is loose. It can cause humming or noise. If you feel shocked or notice a spark, you shouldn’t avoid it. You should check the entire electricity system if they are safe and working properly.

It’s not a good sign if the outlet and switchboard get hot during usage. If you notice any hot outlet or switch, turn off its circuit from the breaker box and call the electrician. You should always rely on a professional and experienced electrician for safety.

How You Can Reset A Tripped Breaker

  1. Circuit breaker tripping is the most common circuit breaker problem. Your circuit breaker can automatically trip for the safety of your house and electric system. 
  2. If you want to repair any circuit, you have to unplug the device connected with it. 
  3. Mark your main breaker panel and open the cover. Now search for the tripped breaker.
  4. Open the faulty breaker and try to re-close it.
  5. If it doesn’t supply power in the circuit, turn off the switch and try again. If it still doesn’t respond you may have some other issues. Call an electrician for repairing.

Hope it was helpful for you to know how to find what is tripping my circuit breaker.

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