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Effects of Vibration In Overhead Transmission Lines

We all are so much familiar with the transmission lines. Feels like we know everything about it. But knowledge is like the sea. There is no end to exploring. We have already discussed the transmission line. Today we will discuss another interesting topic effects of vibration in overhead transmission lines.

Have you ever thought, that when there are storms, cyclones, and other natural disasters there must be vibration in the transmission line? Now the main question is, what are the effects of this vibration on the transmission line? 

Effects of Vibration in a Transmission Line 

A massive stormwind on the conductor creates this vibration. It is different from the swing of a line. Swing can be horizontal and it can create straight waves. And it expands from one end to another end of the span.

The wave has a high vortex. Stormwind creates swing and vibration. Continuous up-down of the conductor near the binding of the insulator creates pressure. As a result, the conductor can be ripped.

How to Prevent the Vibration? 

With the Help of an Armor Rod

The easiest and most fruitful way to protect the conductor is using an armor rod. At a distance by two sides of the insulator, they are tied around the conductor.

As a result, the diameter of the conductor increases, and the strength of the conductor also increases. So the chances to get ripped are gone. A conductor with less volume is strengthened by aluminum wire.

armor rod
Armor Rod

Bates Damper

For reducing the vibration, a bates damper is used sometimes. In this damper, one piece of line conductor is hanged by 2-4 universal PG clamp, under line conductor near suspension clamp. This type of damper is expensive. Also not as good as the Stockbridge damper.

Stockbridge Damper

For long-span with high pressure, the Stockbridge damper is used. In this condition, on both side of a 0.3-0.5 length stranded cable, two heavy metal distend cone is connected for clamping with the line conductor. It absorbs the vibration power of stranded cable. And the rate of vibration reduces in the insulator.

Another type of damper similar to the Stockbridge damper is also used. For this case, damping weight is on a secured spring situated in a box. Vibration energy is absorbed by spring.

stockbridge damper
Stockbridge Damper

That’s all for today’s topic effects of vibration in overhead transmission lines.

Hope now you understand the effects of vibration in overhead transmission lines.

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