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Magnifying Transmitter – An Electrical Tesla Coil

Magnifying Transmitter

Do you know about the magnifying transmitter of Nikola Tesla? If not, do you want to? Nikola Tesla and his inventions have always been very intriguing. So, let’s dive into the topic.

“Could artificial telluric currents of a resonant frequency cause an earthquake? Could Tesla have been the first man with the power to destroy the whole world?” Intriguing questions but unfortunately ones that have been lost to time.

What is the Magnifying Transmitter?

The “Magnifying Transmitter” is a high-power harmonic oscillator with new and unique features. Nikola Tesla designed it for wireless electrical energy transfer.

It was the result of years of work. It had the main goal of solving issues that are vastly more essential to humanity than just industrial progress. Tesla’s work with electrical energy resonance led him to develop the Tesla coil. 

“It is suitable for any frequency, from a few to many thousands of cycles per second, and maybe in usage in the creation of currents of enormous volume and moderate pressure, or of modest amperage and vast electromotive force,”– Nikola Tesla

  • The idea was on the basis of an existing spark gap circuit design. 
  • It charged a capacitor from the secondary of a high voltage transformer and discharged it via an air gap. Tesla put a second transformer into the design.
  • The magnifying transmitter was devised to use the disruption in charge of ground and air technique to transfer wireless energy. 
  • The magnifying transmitter is a high-frequency harmonic oscillator of the electrical Tesla coil. 

How did it come to be?

Tesla was searching for techniques to wirelessly transport energy across large distances. Initially using transverse waves and subsequently, perhaps, longitudinal waves. He sent extremely low-frequency current into the Earth’s atmosphere, with accompanying electric field energy. 

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The energy would propagate over the gap between the Earth’s surface and the Kennelly–Heaviside layer. He got patents on wireless transceivers that were meant to generate terrestrial standing waves using this technology.

History of the Magnifying Transmitter

Between 1895 and 1898, the first ‘magnifier’ was in the building stage in New York City. In 1899, Colorado Springs was able to build a bigger magnifying transmitter. 

  1. It was in use to undertake groundbreaking experiments in wireless telecommunications and electrical power transfer. 
  2. Furthermore, the transmitter was fifty-one feet in diameter, had a working potential of 3.5 to 4 million volts. 
  3. It was very successful to produce electrical discharges up to a hundred feet long (30.5 meters).
Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs

A marketing shot of Nikola Tesla with his “Magnifying Transmitter” in the Colorado Springs experimental station. The arcs are approximately 22 feet (7 meters) in length. (This is referred to as a twofold exposure in Tesla’s notes.)

Tesla’s Colorado lab

Colorado Geo Map
Colorado Geo Map

Tesla’s Colorado lab was in a geomagnetically active area. Tesla then thought of relocating his work to Colorado Springs in 1899. He chose this place because the polyphase alternating current power distribution system was there. Moreover, he had associates who were prepared to provide him with all of the electricity he needed for free.

Residents in Colorado Springs near the facility would see sparks from the ground to their feet and through their shoes. Moreover, electrical sparks were seen coming from the local water main. It was also utilized as a ground connection at times. The region surrounding the laboratory would shine with a blue plasma corona (akin to St. Elmo’s Fire). By back-feeding high-frequency radio frequency into the city’s power distribution system, one of Tesla’s tests destroyed a Colorado Springs Electric Company generator.

The Schumann Resonance Cavity

Tesla pictured the Earth like a dazzling polished metal ball. The ionosphere is an upper atmospheric layer with a high negative electric potential. The Schumann Resonance Cavity is the region between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere.

Tesla was able to utilize his magnifying transmitter at Colorado Springs to artificially produce terrestrial standing waves. Furthermore, tesla gave an indication that earth resonance modes involving an electric current passing through the earth may be on the basis of observations with the device. 

  • He was able to identify a basic earth resonance frequency of roughly 11.78 Hz. 
  • It is somewhat higher than the 7.3 Hz fundamental earth-ionosphere cavity Schumann resonance.

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The Success of the Tesla Magnifying Transmitter

The magnifying transmitter is not the same as the traditional Tesla coil. 

  1. It has the Tesla coil’s short thick primary and lengthy secondary inductors, but their coupling is tighter. 
  2. As a result, more severe procedures for primary spark quenching is in need. Tesla was able to develop a third inductor by the name the “extra coil” in addition to the two large-diameter coils. The master oscillator comprises it. 
  3. Tesla was able to use the magnifying transmitter in both continuous wave and damped-wave resonant modes. 
  4. Successful studies concentrate on the “additional coil’s” in dispersion with the “transmission line” description (rather than the usual lumped-constant analysis).

Naming of the “Magnifying Transmitter”

Tesla uses the name “self-regenerative” in one of his patents. However, this word is no longer in widespread usage. Tesla’s Magnifier belongs to the “multi-resonant networks” group of devices.

The ‘Magnifying Transmitter,’ as it’s known. This is Tesla’s most famous innovation. Furthermore, it is a strange transformer particularly with a design to excite the Earth, which is to electrical energy transmission what a telescope is to astronomical observation. He was already able to build up electrical motions bigger than those of lightning. Moreover, he was able to transmit a current adequate to light over two hundred incandescent bulbs around the globe with this amazing apparatus.

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So, what is the purpose of the Magnifying Transmitter?

  1. It draws energy from any source (Tesla mentions the Niagara Falls).
  2. The transmitter magnifies this energy in a very direct and beautiful way by adding the Sun’s energy to it.
  3. Moreover, it sends this energy to certain receiving stations throughout the world, where it is magnified a second time by combining it with the Sun’s radiation.
  4. Furthermore, it distributes this energy across the Earth.

The curvature of the surfaces along with the components having charge and their area determines the maximal electric tension.


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