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Top Air Conditioning Problems and Solutions | The causes of the explosion

The use of air conditioners is very extensive in our daily lives. It serves us on a daily basis. Air conditioner usage is mostly in the office, industry, bank, shopping mall, households, and hotels. Today we will learn about the top air conditioning problems and solutions. During summer and winter, in both situations, the use of air conditioners is massive. It had become part & parcel of our daily life. But, like any other things, this bears some dark sides. Nothing is free from vices. Air conditioning too has some bad aspects. There might even be a very huge explosion because of an air conditioner. Have you ever wondered about the top air conditioning problems and solutions.

Top air conditioning problems and solutions-Explosion due to air conditioner
Explosion due to air conditioners

Cleaning the filter:

Top air conditioning problems and solutions
Woman Checking Air Conditioner

The change of the filter should take place in a day or two. The whole effectiveness of the air conditioner totally depends on this part’s cleanliness. A dusty filter can cause disruptions in the AC’s function. As a result, the air conditioner might make your house warmer instead of cooling the environment.

Protection of the circuit breaker:

A circuit breaker
A Circuit Breaker

The circuit breaker works like a guard to save the device from any kinds of electrical accident. If the air conditioner will not working, at first check your air conditioner’s circuit breaker. This is because the circuit breaker just prevented your air conditioner from a big electrical accident. If there is a connection of a lot of electrical devices together to a single circuit breaker, then your air conditioner might not work. Thus, it is very much recommended to have a separate circuit breaker for an AC.

Completely turning off the AC:

If there is any problem, then it is wise to turn off the air conditioner. Discharge all the wires from the circuit and again put them in according to the rules of the air conditioner. Then turn it on.

Cleaning the compressor:

Top air conditioning problems and solutions-Compressor

The core function of a compressor is getting out the warm air from inside and forward it outside. As a result, just by performing this function, the accumulation of dust particles and dirt takes place in the compressor. If there is dirt or dust in this part of the air conditioner, then the warm air won’t be delivered to outside. Thus normally, the house won’t be cold by the air conditioner. This eventually makes the whole point of having an air conditioner futile. As a result, using a brush the compressor should be cleaned thoroughly. Now, if you are wondering about the top air conditioning problems and solutions, you should always keep the compressors in check.

Keep the unit fan clean:

The function of the AC fan is to get the hot air out of the house gradually. While doing this work, it attracts a lot of dust particles and dirt. For this reason, the sound might come from the AC fan. As a result, it hampers the usual work of the fan. Thus, the cleaning of the blades of the fan should be taken place using a thin cloth.

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Changing of unit batteries:

Changing Batteries
Changing Batteries

If you have an AC that is driven by batteries, then the replacement of the batteries must take place frequently. As a result, if your air conditioner is not working properly then it is wise to check the batteries first.

The problem of the ups and downs of the supply voltage:

If the supply voltage of your house has a problem of frequent ups and downs, then your air conditioner might not function properly. Moreover, the device might have to face more problems. There might be a considerable amount of damage. As a result, before installing an air conditioner at your house, it will be a wise option to check your supply voltage at first.

Discarding the accumulated ice inside an AC:

If there is ice inside the air conditioner, then the air conditioner won’t work properly. If the accumulation of ice takes place inside an air conditioner, then it is better to switch the fan on instead of the AC. In this process, the ice will start breaking, and eventually, the problem will be solved.

The reason for the explosion due to AC and its solution:

Now, let us move on to the most important part, shall we? In recent times, explosions due to air conditioners have turned out to be a huge threat and worry for the general people. As a result, today, I will discuss the reasons for explosions due to air conditioners and the productive ways to prevent this accident from happening.

The reasons for the explosion:

1. Lack of maintenance:

One of the main reasons for the air conditioner explosion is lack of maintenance. As a result, due to technical error, the air conditioner might explode or the gas of AC might catch fire.

2. Buying a low-quality air conditioner:

Top air conditioning problems and solutions-Low quality air conditioners
Low quality Air Conditioners

In a low-quality air conditioner, the insides are not that good. The organization of the fan, wire and other electrical devices are not that well. As a result, there is no usage of them for regular use. Thus, there might also be a technical error, which at many times might initiate a fire or explosion.

3. Not using an AC according to the load of the room:

There are many who don’t buy an AC with respect to the load of the room. As a result, after running for a while the AC gets hot. This in the process might be the cause of an explosion.

4. Not using the right quality of power cable is another of Top air conditioning problems and solutions:

If you are not using the right quality of power cable then there might be a short circuit. And, this short circuit leads to an explosion.

5. The condenser is not dirt free:

If the condenser of the AC is not well cleaned, then the compressor might be overheated or high pressure might be created.

6. Block on a pipe inside the AC:


If there is a block on a pipe inside the AC, then it might overheat the compressor and in the end, it might blast.

7. Overcharging of the refrigerant than the limit of the compressor:

If the refrigerant is charged too much or is not charged in the right way according to the limit of the compressor, then a huge amount of pressure is created.

8. If the required amount for the compressor is not present in the refrigerant:

The compressor has a definite requirement for the refrigerant. If this is not fulfilled, then the inside temperature might increase and cause a huge explosion.

9. Air is not properly vacuumed:

Top air conditioning problems and solutions- AC Fan
AC Fan

If the extraction of air out of the air conditioner is not done properly, then it might explode at any time.

10. If an accurately rated circuit breaker is not used in case of Top air conditioning problems and solutions:

The air conditioner might explode if an accurately rated circuit breaker is not used. Again, this results in the explosion of the air conditioner.

How to Prevent AC explosion:

  • Ask an export if too much pressure or heat is arising inside the compressor and keep it in check.
  • Frequently cleaning the condenser of the AC.
  • Using a high-quality cable or a cable with accurate power.
  • Check if there is any blockage inside the pipe of the air conditioner.
  • Vacuuming the air conditioner accurately.
  • Stay within the limit of the compressor while charging the refrigerant and charging it in the right manner.
  • Don’t use low-quality or any fake branded air conditioner.
  • Use trusted and reliable air conditioners, compressors, and refrigerants.
  • Ask an expert if there is the right amount of refrigerant according to the compressor.
  • Using the accurately rated circuit for the AC that you are using.
  • Installing the outdoor set of the air conditioner in the veranda our not so close to the room.
  • Asking an expert to check the air conditioner before starting it after a long period of time.

The above-stated topics are not only to be read but also it is wise to utilize these in our lives. As a result, these instructions help in the prevention of air conditioner explosions. It is our utmost duty as responsible citizens.

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