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Top 5 Battery Questions and Answers

Top 5 battery questions and answers – some in general questions regarding Mobile Battery. Mobile battery is a surprising thing. Here, are some of the answers to the most common questions.

1. How can the mobile phone detect how much the battery has been charged?

Top 5 battery questions and answers - Hierarchy

A story

In order to learn about this topic, I would like to take you to your office. In your office, your boss is above you in terms of hierarchy. You are accountable to your boss for transferring all the important files and information. Then the boss informs the owner about the working status of the office. This example is completely related to this question. In a mobile phone, usually, a lithium-ion battery is used. This function is completed by using a very well-disciplined algorithm in the case of a lithium-ion battery. This is one of the most asked questions among the top 5 battery questions and answers.

The relation

Again, for this work the usage of fuel gauge is inevitable. Along with the fuel gauge, there is an amplifier that has a current shunt with it. With the utilization of this shunt, the measurement of the current takes place. Again, with the passage of time, it adds this measurement and gives the answer. This compares with the programmable power of the battery.

The fuel gauge tries to calculate the impedance of the battery. In every stage of the lithium battery, this impedance has a different set of values. This value is shown in percentage by utilizing the algorithm

Usually, there is a heat detector or sensor for each fuel gauge. The use of it is for generating reports regarding heat.

Moreover, from this, the transfer of information of the fuel gauge to the mobile operating system takes place. Here, the fuel gauge is you and the operating system is your boss. According to different conditions set by the operating system, you are able to see different statuses. For example: low battery, full charge, overheated, etc. Just like the owner of the company keeps the status of the company in check by analyzing the reports made by your boss. Many times, the operating system itself turns on or off some features according to the status of the battery. Just like the boss of the company can delay any project or assignment of the company.

2. What is the best smartphone battery mAh value?

Top 5 battery questions and answers - Smartphone screen
Smartphone Screen

There is a saying, too much sugar tastes bitter. Yes, this is the main problem. Currently, smartphones use a lithium-ion or a lithium-polymer battery. Such batteries have a problem. The problem is that with the increase of capacity the batteries also increase in size. If you have a battery of 5000 mAh in your smartphone, then in mild usage it’ll last the whole day. But, with excess usage, it should give a backup of 9-12 hours. Yet, this eventually increases the size of the battery, and eventually, increases the weight of the body considerably. As smartphones are hand-held devices, if they are too heavy, then it will be tough to use them. This is the reason why the making of the design of the battery takes place by keeping the concept of the capacity and weight of the battery in mind.

Along with these, many other things are also kept in mind. Like the screen type and size, SoC (state of charge) and RAM, etc. Sometimes, the SoC is very power efficient. In this case, having a battery of 2500 mAh is also not sufficient to give backup throughout the whole day. Again, it saves the battery, if the display is AMOLED ( Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diodes).

The operating system of the smartphone also plays a vital role in saving the battery usage of the mobile. There are also many other such factors that influence the choice of the battery for that particular mobile.

As a result, it is clear that the main factor here is not the total capacity. There are many other factors on which the amount of backup of the battery depends on.

3. How much does it cost to charge a 3000 mAh battery once?

Smartphone Charging
Smartphone Charging

Suppose, by seeing the rating of the battery; you can understand that it can circulate 3000 milli-ampere or 3 amperes of electricity for 1 hour of time.

We know, the charging current of a battery is 10% of the charging capacity of the battery. In order to charge a 3000 mAh battery, you would need a current of 3000 x 0.1 = 300 milli-ampere.

As a result, to fully charge the battery, the amount of required time will be,

t = Q/I = 3000/300 = 10 hours

Now, to calculate the electricity bill, you need to have an idea about units. The unit stands for kilowatt-hour. In other words, a unit is if 1-kilowatt electric power is utilized for 1 hour of time.

4. How many units does the battery cost to fully charge the battery?

If the circulated voltage throughout the charger is 5 volt and the is 300 milli-ampere or 0.3 amperes, then the capacity of the charger,

P = IV = 5 volt x 0.3 ampere = 1.5 Watt

A 1.5 Watt battery needs a time of 14 hours to fully charge. So, the required unit,

W = Pt = 0.0015 kilowatt x 10 hour = 0.0015 unit

If each unit costs 6 takas for a house-hold, then the total cost,

Total cost = 0.015 x 6 takas = 0.090 taka or 9 poisha

If each unit costs 10 takas for a house-hold, then the total cost,

Total cost = 0.015 x 10 takas = 0.150 taka or 15 poisha

5. Will the electricity still circulate through the charger if the mobile is fully charged?

Battery charge
Battery Charge

This concept is not totally right or even wrong. This totally depends on the charging condition of the mobile phone.

If the mobile is turned off or flight mode is on while charging

In this situation, after fully charging the mobile phone, electricity won’t travel through the charger. We know that electricity travels only when there is a voltage difference in the circuit. But, here, the voltage difference between the source and load are the same. Because the battery is 4 volts and the rectifier of the charger also supplies 4 volts of electricity.

If the power is on and the wifi or data is on while charging

In this case, if the charge of the battery is 100%, then also electricity will pass through the charger. Because here the ups and downs of the network consume some charge and as a result, the voltage difference is not completely zero. So, electricity will travel in a small amount.

You will find the top 5 battery questions and answers above.

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