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10 Amazing Facts about Artificial Intelligence | How Fast will A.I impact our Future?

How fast will artificial intelligence impact our future? Does this question enthrall you? If so, then today, I am going to enlighten you with the top 10 amazing facts about artificial intelligence.

I am a nerd. I like to dig deep into certain aspects that make me wonder. If you are someone who is reading this article today, then I hope you also like to know things in a much broader way! So, let’s dive right in.

“We don’t program the Machines, they learn by themselves”

10 amazing facts about artificial intelligence
10 amazing facts about artificial intelligence

Today’s article is about 10 amazing facts about artificial intelligence. How it impacts our daily life? Will it bring something terrible for us or create a bright future?

1. Artificial Intelligence Challenging Human Brain!

Our brain is the most complex system of our body. It has 85 Billion neurons. Each of which fire information non-stop by

  • Receiving
  • Processing
  • Sending

Instead of neurons a digital brain has nodes. It is simpler than the human brain.

One of the biggest misconceptions of A.I. is that there is a super intelligent being or, what we call as generalised A.I. that knows all, smarter than all of us combined.

A.I. is built on us. It is mimicking our thought processes. A.I. is basically an emulation of us.

Everything we perceive through our senses vision, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching. We can represent everything as zeros or ones. This is very much like how a computer works.

2. Crazy Similarity between Humans and A.I.

Let me give an example, 

Google took some pictures of all the streets in France for Street View. Google, likes to map these street numbers to the exact location where it is on the street. But computers are usually not very good at reading these numbers.

Now, if you look at them carefully, you will understand why. Some of them are dynamically diagonal, some are up and down, some of them are zigzag, some are only partially visible. 

So what Google did here is that they had a team of people who would go through these numbers. Furthermore, they will say, 


“The first one is 136, the second one is 61”

Again, they would type it in. As a result, it will take months to map all these numbers to the correct place in France. Google tried setting their AI to that task. It mapped all of France in less than two hours

Question is,

When artificial intelligence is able to think and be creative does it have the potential to be like us? Can it be like humans?

If we would compare the two we would see that there are limitations for us humans by all the biological evolutionary traits. 

As for example- our brain doesn’t suddenly grow bigger because we have the skull. The computers don’t have that limit. They can be as huge as a warehouse. So, it’s probably a matter of time before they can get to the human level. There is one thing where computers still are way inferior to us. It is power consumption. They use a whole ton of power. Our brains, they only use a little bit compared to that. 

3. How Fast is Artificial Intelligence evolving?

We’re already there. We have computers that do the same things that have the same capacity or even more than humans. Again, what does that mean for us? What does it mean when the computers get so powerful? Will they have a mind of their own? Will they be conscious?

Whenever I read about this, I can not but think about the movie, “Terminator.”

10 amazing facts about artificial intelligence- Human Robot
Human Robot

It was a very famous film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. There we saw people helpless to the devices with artificial intelligence. This is practically not possible. 

Now, the thing with artificial intelligence is that it’s able not just to process the things that we can. As humans, if we see big data we just see a big blob. But, they can recognize patterns, they can make decisions based on that.

4. Breakthrough of Artificial Intelligence

The sea squirt is a fascinating little creature. It’s quite pretty. It lives most of its life in the water. It filters the seawater through its tubes. As a result, it gets its food. In its youthful stage, it’s a free-swimming organism. It goes out, explores the world around it. But that youthful cheerfulness can’t continue forever. After a while, it finds a rock and settles down. That’s where it’s gonna be for the rest of its life. But, what does it do for food until it gets the pretty blue buns?

10 amazing facts about artificial intelligence- Sea Squirt
Sea Squirt

Well, it eats its brain. 

Think about it if you’re not going to move anymore, you don’t need a brain.

With the advent of self-driving trucks and cars and unmanned aerial vehicles and drones, a robot has evolved. Formerly fixed to the factory floor, like the young sea squirt, getting out and exploring the environment.

5. How good are we humans at handling major changes?

Before the 1400s, books were very rare and expensive. Not to mention the sheer lack of literacy back then. But, with the advent of the printing press by Gutenberg in 1440, things changed. Now, we can print pamphlets, political outlets, etc. This isn’t a sudden in-your-face existential change, it’s a gradual one. In the 1700s, it was the time of industrialization. People working at the cloth factories put food at their table. But, then came automation, which deprived many of their jobs. As a result, the industrial revolution took place.

There is an old saying,

“If you deny them a way to feed their children you have sown the seeds of revolution.”

New technology brings great promise but also great disruption. How we handle that is up to us. What we don’t get to do is choose not to have the technology.


Artificial intelligence first got into limelight in the 1920s.

“Rossum’s Universal Robots”~ at first wrote about it in their science fiction novel.

Later many discussions took place between scientists on this subject in various conferences. After World War II, scientists began working on artificial intelligence. The invention of computers added a new horizon in the research of artificial intelligence.

6. What Artificial Intelligence actually signifies?

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Terms such as

  • Machine Learning
  • Algorithm 
  • Computer Vision
  • Big Data

They will be conveniently unpacked to make us feel like we know what we are doing. Let’s learn the first two terms today. 

Machine Learning 

Machine Learning is the ability to find patterns in data. Once the machines learn the patterns. It can manipulate it. Let us talk about music notes for instance. Once the machine learns about the patterns there. You can then program it to play morphings of music that humans are not capable of. You can program it to play 30% Madonna, 60% Miles Davis, and 10% of yourself.



You need to write a computer program. With the help of it, you can make it do anything. To write a computer program, you must tell the computer exactly what you want it to do, step by step. The machine then ‘executes’ the code. It follows the code mechanically step by step to achieve the end goal. This is where computer algorithms play a role. The algorithm is the fundamental method for completing this task.

Algorithms can make systems smarter. However, without the use of common sense, the results can be very bizarre.

7. Healthy Recruitment Process

Approximately 500 well-known businesses are using artificial intelligence. According to the US-based magazine Fortune, 

“Many reputable organizations use artificial intelligence in their recruiting process.”

A video call interview with the applicant is part of this procedure. From that video call, artificial intelligence gathers different pieces of information about the applicant.

How does it work?

  1. Artificial intelligence will provide suggestions for emotional responses by the candidates. 
  2. It will pay attention to the candidates and tell whether he/she is truly skilled in a particular area. 
  3. Furthermore, it can tell if the candidates are really providing all of the necessary details about themselves. 
  4. If the candidates were nervous or optimistic during the interview. 
  5. This method provides institutions with a detailed picture of the candidates. 

As a result, their hiring process is much more transparent and productive.

8. Privacy Breach!

When you are on Instagram or Google, you are actually programming those algorithms to better understand you.

Online Privacy

You share or search information through,

  • Facebook
  • Twitter 
  • Instagram 

Artificial intelligence can give you an idea of ​​what you need to like or dislike. At the same time it can save all your information. So that it can use it for any purpose in the future.

Fun Fact:

You may think the information you share online is secret/private. But, 

Where does it stay online? 

The information stays in a cloud database by some artificial intelligence.

As a consequence, you have no say in how your personal information is handled.

You might have heard about the #10yearschallenge. It is very much in trend on all social platforms. Actually, unwillingly you share your own information with artificial intelligence. So, you help them understand how you were 10 years ago and what you look like now. 

As a result, your personal information is no longer yours. Your privacy is at stake now. This will increase further with the improvement of artificial intelligence.

9. Less Job Opportunities

“People will lose a lot of jobs to artificial intelligence.”

A.I. technology will soon replace human daily workers. Although people give logics about the past, it is still a great epidemic. 

10 amazing facts about artificial intelligence- Job Opportunity
Job Opportunity

The garment workers lost their jobs to artificial intelligence in the past. As a result, the industrial revolution marked a bloody decade. Now, with the automation of cars and automobiles, truck drivers (the most common job of many uneducated people in the USA) will go unemployed.

Will they keep quiet this time? No, this will mark another revolution regarding artificial intelligence.

Which jobs are at risk?

  1. All factory and commercial work
  2. Professional work
  3. Verification of information
  4. Legal work
  5. Business strategy and management
  6. Research
  7. Creative work 
  8. Art-based works, such as 
  • Literature
  • Music
  • Architecture
  • Arts and crafts

Unemployment problem will be strong in all developing countries.

10. New Emergence of Existential Crisis

“It is almost impossible to practice intelligence with A.I.”

10 amazing facts about artificial intelligence- Disparity

Factors that will affect humanity:

  1. Violence and clashes will increase
  2. Our existence will be threatened 
  3. In the distant future, we may lose our existence in their hands. 

Stephen Hawkings, Elon Musk, Martin Ridge, Professor Nick Bostrom, MIT cosmologist Max Tagmark spread awareness in research and use of artificial intelligence.

A.I. – A Blessing or An Alarming Threat?

Let me start off with a story,

“Facebook uses many types of artificial intelligence. There came new information about these A.I. technologies recently. This artificial intelligence can communicate with itself with a kind of language. But, they are only programmed to use and understand the only English language. So, this is a development they did themselves. Again, the engineers still don’t know what type of information they exchanged with themselves. It is unknown to all of us. As a result, the engineers at Facebook later decided to turn off all this artificial intelligence.”

This keeps us thinking, 

Out of all the blessings of A.I should we even consider it as a threat?

It might not be a threat today, but its advancement can be a potential threat in the future.

So, we have to be more aware of the use or with the research of artificial intelligence. This concludes my 10 amazing facts about artificial intelligence.


I hope you enjoyed the top 10 amazing facts about artificial intelligence. 

Now I’d like to hear from you: 

Which part from today’s article seemed the most cool? Are you with or against A.I.?

Either way, let me know by leaving a quick comment below.

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