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Is Frequent Charging of Smartphones harmful to the battery?

Is frequent charging of smartphones harmful to the battery? Has this question ever crossed your mind? Let us clear the concept today. 

Smartphone Battery and Humans

Mobile phones are our daily companions. It is possible to live without eating three meals a day, but we cannot live without a mobile phone for three hours. The culture of watching TV is also slowly in the downfall because of this mobile phone. Mobile phone use has become an insane addiction for students, especially during this Corona period. Even if we can run a mobile phone continuously, the poor mobile is not able to give endless back up on the battery. Sigh! If only it could! Those who continuously use mobile phones while sitting idle have to charge and discharge their mobile phones frequently. So, today we will know is frequent charging of smartphones harmful to the battery?

Will the mobile battery be damaged if the mobile phone is charged frequently?

  • As we all know, mobile batteries have charger port for charging where the charger pin is inserted.
  • Therefore, due to frequent insertion of the charger in the charging port, the situation of the charging port worsens before the battery is even damaged.
  • This means that the charging port becomes loose, later charging the female port of the charging becomes inevitable.
Is Frequent Charging of Smartphones harmful to the battery- Damaged Phone
Damaged Phone

Can the battery be damaged?

Frequent charging of the mobile phone can damage the battery when it is overcharged or the charge is below the DOD (Depth Of Discharge) cycle.

Now, I will clear the definition of DOD (Depth Of Discharge) to you.

What is DOD (Depth Of Discharge)?

  • DOD (Depth Of Discharge) is the maximum discharging capacity of a mobile battery which is 50% for most mobiles and 80% for advanced mobile batteries.
  • This means that charging outside the DOD (Depth Of Discharge) capacity can damage the mobile battery. 
  • So try to charge your mobile battery charge only if the percentage is between 20% and 50%. Don’t wait until the power is off.
  • For this, you can keep the power saving mode on. Then if a 20% charge remains, it will notify you that it needs to be charged now. 
  • Again, now quite modern technology is used. So, it goes without saying that there is almost no possibility of being charged.
Is Frequent Charging of Smartphones harmful to the battery- a mobile phone
A Mobile Phone

Not only being able to use a mobile phone is necessary but also being alert and dedication are most required. Again, especially if you are a student or job holder in the electrical department, then the responsibility is multiplied. So, share this with your family members and friends/colleagues today. I hope it will benefit others.

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