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Top 17 Amazing Facts About Electricity | Some Unknown Mysteries about Electricity

Electricity is truly one of the blessings of science. Moreover, electricity has made our daily life much easier. But, a lot of information about electricity is still not clear to us. Below you will find Top 17 amazing facts about electricity.

12 Amazing Facts About Electricity- an electric bulb
An Electric Bulb

17 amazing facts about electricity

How much do we know about electricity? Now, many mysteries about electricity are unknown to us. So, today in this article I will try to highlight about 17 amazing facts about electricity. So let us start then.

All unknown information about electricity

The Stats:

  1. Electricity was first discovered in 600 BC. 
  2. Moreover, electricity travels through copper conductor at the speed of light which is about 300,000 kilometers per second. 
  3. Again, sparks of static electricity emit 3,000 to 50,000 volts. 
  4. In fact, a lightning strike can hold voltage up to three million (3,000,000) volts and lasts less than one second.
  5. According to the Global Energy Statistical Yearbook, global electricity production has reached 25,000 terawatt hours (1 terawatt = 1 trillion watts). 
  6. The first four common things powered by electricity are sewing machines, fans, kettles, and toasters. 
  7. LED light bulbs, conventional bulbs that have electricity use about one-sixth of it. 
  8. For instance, a simple microwave oven consumes more electricity than it’s a digital clock. 
  9. Electrocardiogram (ECG) machines measure the electricity passing through the heart. The ECG machine displays a line running across the screen with the help of a regular spike, just like the heartbeat of a living person, as you have seen in hundreds of movies and TV shows. 
ECG machine
ECG Machine

Real Life Stats:

  1. Certain muscles in some species of fish in the Amazon River have evolved over the years into cells known as electrolytes. In short, these help them to detect other animals in the dark giving potential as a battery source. 
  2. Again, echidna and platypus use the electrical currents emitted by their prey to find food. In fact, about 40,000 electricity sensors in a platypus or electroreceptors are equipped with multiple levels. 
  3. Shark, Paddle fish usually have electroreceptors in their body which help them to detect the presence of any object in front of them in opaque water at night. In short, this process is called “Active Electrolocation”. 
  4. Electric eel fish (a type of knifefish) produce 600 volt to prey or for self-defense. For instance, the nerve cells of this fish can transform to form a kind of electric field that holds an electrical charge and this is what we know as EOD (Electrical Organic Discharge). Moreover, this special type of cell exists in about 80% of eel fish. Furthermore, this has transformed the fish into electrical cells. With the help of this part, the fish creates two types of voltage high and low. However, the nature of EOD is not the same in all fish. 
  5. You need about 648 AA batteries to power up a person for one day ( based on 1 cal = 4.2 joules). 
  6. 54% of the world’s electricity is being wasted. Again, this is very surprising information.
  7. Coal is one of the main sources of electricity generation in the world. 
  8. Water can be electrified. In fact, this can even result in the death of a human being
12 Amazing Facts About Electricity- electric eel fish
Electric Eel Fish

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