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Ohm Law and Career Goal | Career Battle and Ohm’s Law

Before starting it off with your career, having ohm law and career goal of yours in mind is a must. Career is a very important chapter in human life. The battle to build a career begins as soon as the student life is over. Success in this war requires patience, perseverance, and hard work. Because there is a saying “hard training, easy battle.”

Ohm's Law's Motivational Aspects - career strategy
Career Strategy

You must have seen many career-related articles before but today’s article is a little exception. Attempts have only been made to align it with real-life using technical terms.

Suppose you are an electron and the path to success in your career is transitory. Just like electrons have no motion before applying voltage, after completing the BSc/Diploma you will not be able to understand at the beginning where to go, what to do? There is only one reason behind this not having a clear idea about the EEE job field. Moreover, not being able to evaluate yourself.

What is the voltage source in this case?

In this case, voltage sources are the pioneers who have already succeeded in their career battle, who will wake you up through motivation. These will act as generators or batteries to stimulate you.

voltage sign
Voltage Sign

Which will act as the voltage source to cross the difficult path of your career?

Now the voltage/potential is the willpower, talent, hard work, patience, morale in you. Moreover, if you want to get a job, you should make sleep, laziness, etc. everything an enemy. If you prepare relentlessly, you will definitely get a place somewhere.

How do I prepare for a private job?

For a private job, you need to have basic theoretical knowledge as well as some practical work skills. Again, for this, you can create opportunities for industrial attachment on your own initiative or through the authority of the college or university.

What are the restrictions for success in career warfare?

ohm law and career goal - stress and misdirection
Stress and misdirection

There will surely be resistance on the way to your career. Sleep, laziness, quota system, kinship will work as resistance here. Again, in the context of Bangladesh, the value of this kind of resistance is higher.

How will Ohm’s formula help you to cross the career path?

There will be obstacles in the way of a career. So it will not work if you sit down or fall down. Furthermore, in this case, you have to increase your potentiality. You have to develop yourself in many ways, skillfully and competently. Because as the voltage increases, so will the current and the desire to cross the difficult path of your career. Which perfectly matches Ohm’s law.

ohm law and career goal - Ohm's Law Calculator
Ohm’s Law Calculator

Reaching the Destination or Success in Battle

Eventually, a circuit loop is grounded to a certain point just as you will place the flag of victory on the ground at one point after this inaccessible path of the career has been successful. Just as the current goes back to the source with neutral, so after you succeed, you will motivate your younger ones to take on the role of the elders just as your elders gave you. Another valuable quote is, “No resistance can drop your potential.” You will see that you will get your lost spirit back again.

In the end, I will say the things you need to get a job are:

  • Reading
  • Hard Working attitude
  • Enthusiastic and confident
  • The ability to present yourself beautifully 
  • If you have the opportunity to train yourself in some special work

Getting to know ohm law and career goal of yours can surely do the charm for you in your career. At last, if you do not have these 5 qualities or if you don’t want to achieve these, then I will say straightforwardly that having a job is not for you. Either try doing business or any other sector is best suited for you then. You will be able to stay well then.

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