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Saving With LED Lighting for Floodlights & Where To Use Them

Admit it; we all hate the dark. We don’t like going into dark or dim places as it is what most people regard as “scary.” It’s not just for little kids either. Even adults can wag their tails between their legs (if they had any, lol). Most of us bring emergency lights inside our cars or pocket flashlights when we are outside just in case we need it. Illuminating a dim and dark area makes us feel more comfortable and at ease. 

Now, here is a very useful material that can brighten up anybody’s place. Are you familiar with LED Flood Lights? For some, it might not ring a bell, especially those who’ve used incandescent bulbs all their life! LED is considered as one of the best options to increase brightness in a specific area and make dim places more visible at night – at a lower price too! More about LED here: https://www.ledsmagazine.com/leds-ssl-design/materials/article/16701292/what-is-an-led

It can brighten up parking spaces, walkways, residential lots, buildings like schools, hospitals, business lots, and even billboards with more intensity. It doesn’t just help regular homeowners but most especially business owners. Clients/customers, employees, and everyone can make use of floodlights. And they can save a ton just by purchasing the LED kind.  


  1. LED has a longer lifespan – almost 25,000 hours compared to the 1000-hour lifespan of incandescent lights.
  2. It’s brighter but it consumes less electrical power. 

Now, let’s discuss how LED can be used for floodlights as well.

How It Looks

LED floodlights have different shapes and sizes. We have compact, square, circular and architectural (thin rectangular shape) usually used for walls. It also has color temperatures of 4000k and 5000k. Output types have three variations low, mid and high. Light outputs also have 3 choices, 1,000-5,000 Lumens, 5,001-10,000 Lumens and 15,001-20,000 Lumens. You can search for a LED lighting supplier online and ask for help with regards to which type is best for your place or establishment.

How And Where To Use Them

This type of light emits a bright intensity that can make any place stand out and feel safer. This can be used 24/7 and it is reliable as it is made to last 100,000 hours (minimum). 

Warehouses–These storage houses are oftentimes dark and scary. Just like in movies, most thrillers have warehouses as their set up. Well for warehouse owners, the installation of LED is the answer to make more customers feel more comfortable in checking the items they ordered or if they need to see your merchandise. Transactions can be done day and night. 

Office Buildings – Placing these lights can help out every person inside the office, from the boss down to your last employee. They can work night shifts and still go home safely as they don’t need to worry about walking back and forth the office and towards their cars, bikes, or motorbikes at night. 

Schools and Universities – College kids usually hang out at night, go to parties or spend late hours doing projects, and study sessions from their late-night classes. School administrators can lessen criminal activities and dangers inside the campus by placing these babies and enhance the security level of their spaces. Parents will feel more at ease knowing their kids are safe. 

Retail Stores and establishments – Who would even go to places that are not well lighted? Well-lit establishments mean you’re talking real business; it tells people that you want them to see where you are and what you’re selling. The brighter the place is, the more customers you attract. The safer the atmosphere, the higher the sales! It’s not just for parking spaces but also creates a welcoming atmosphere as they go inside and can be used to brightly advertise what the place can offer. 

Hospitals/Clinics–Emergency rooms need an ample amount of light for rescuers or responders to pinpoint their destination. Signs should be well-lit and be legible even from afar so no additional damages or accidents will occur. Click here to learn more about clinical lighting practice.

Residential – We all love a bright and well-lit space of our own. It becomes welcoming to our guests and at the same time, it makes the house look more radiant and beautiful. One can use it for their parking area or even feature the house itself or the beautiful garden you have out front.  

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