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Top 6 basic knowledge for an Electrical Engineer

If you are someone who has just completed your engineers’ degree, then here are some top 6 basic knowledge for an electrical engineer. Let’s learn with a story.

Arman has completed B.Sc Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from a renowned government university. He is very worried about his career. One of his uncles is a very experienced electrical engineer at Beximco Pharma. So, Arman met his uncle to discuss his career. His uncle is a very busy man. However, in the midst of his busy schedule, he took some time out to talk with his nephew about his career. Arman and his uncle met at a Chinese restaurant. There they chatted about careers while eating Chinese. Today, I will present a summary of that conversation in front of you. Actually, Arman needed to know about these top 6 basic knowledge for an electrical engineer. These might have enlightened his overview as an electrical engineer.

Top 6 basic knowledge for an electrical engineer- Tools for an electrical engineer
Tools for an Electrical Engineer

The point of his uncle’s words is that getting a certificate does not mean becoming an engineer. Mostly, it is nothing but getting a ticket for the long journey ahead. And navigating this path is not so easy. You have to be very patient, strong-willed, and hard-working. So, very few people can cross this path. The following instructions will be helpful in this case:

House Wiring

An electrical engineer who is only busy with Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Variable frequency Drive (VFD) but does not have a good idea about house wiring is a very embarrassing thing.

Top 6 basic knowledge for an electrical engineer- Wiring system
Wiring System

So, you as an electrical engineer first of all acquire knowledge about house wiring. Only after that, you can go to other systems. If you know the house wiring system, you can earn money without joining any industry. You can join different consulting firms and gather more experience about it.


Suppose, you brought an IPS to your home. Now, will you hire a mechanic with 5.90/11.80 USD for installing purpose.

It shouldn’t be done. As an electrical engineer, you must know this job and do it yourself. Now, by doing this you were able to do the work just the way you want. Again, you can also get financially relaxed.

Suppose you work for a company. No matter which department you are in & your organization has an IPS. Suddenly there was a problem.

Your colleague or management mentions you and says Mr. Engineer, can you identify what happened to IPS?

Now, you have totally groomed yourself and wore a white shirt in the office. Right at that moment, a disturbance occurs in the IPS. You don’t know the work of IPS but you are an electrical engineer. You were unable to fix the IPS even after trying a lot.

Your white shirt is as black as the engine lubricating oil. Even then nothing worked out and the IPS still needed maintenance.

Top 6 basic knowledge for an electrical engineer- Wire maintenance
Wire Maintenance

As a result, the other co-workers summoned an electrician. The electrician checked the faulty device. In just 5 minutes he saw that the IPS machine was OK but the battery did not have distilled water. Thus, it was completely dry so it was not giving power properly.

The electrician poured the distilled water. Again, after some time the IPS was OK after charging. But, you didn’t even go near the battery. You just looked for faults in the connection line without realizing the whole scenario. Then you will want to tear your own hair. If you can, you are a hero. If you can not, you are nothing but zero.

There will be questions about your engineering certificate for a little work. So of course you have to acquire adequate knowledge about the working process of IPS. Along with that, you must know the load calculation of IPS, Battery capacity, how many hours back up, etc.


Whether it is in your home or office, when you run a computer or desktop you must use UPS for extra power backup.

So you need to know the basic working principles of UPS.

Like if the power went out of UPS. So you went to check and saw that the fuse is cut off. This was known to you. That’s why you could shoot the trouble.

You also need to know how to change the battery, etc.

Single Phase Motor Connection and Troubleshooting

Whether it be your own house or the house of your father-in-laws or relatives or even your office there can often be problems with a single-phase water motor. You must know about it and do.


You must have a clear idea about some problems with the fridge.

Top 6 basic knowledge for an electrical engineer- fridge

It may be your own house or your sister’s house or even your father-in-law’s house, this type of work may often be given to you as an electrical engineer. The biggest problem in the fridge is not getting power in the fridge or the air in the fridge is not getting cold.

You need to check these issues. You need to check if the fuse inside the fridge is cut off or not, the relay is working or not, the compressor is not working or any line has been cut by the rat, the fridge is not getting neutral, earthing problems, etc.



In modern civilization, TV is available in almost every house in Bangladesh.

So you need to know some of the problems with the TV. Now, suppose you are at your father-in-law’s house. While watching the TV, you are eating biriyani.

If the TV is turned off suddenly, you can repair the TV if you have any idea about it. Then you will get extra care.

Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan
A Ceiling Fan

There is no house in modern civilization where there is no ceiling fan. Moreover, ceiling fans can frequently face more or fewer problems. So take the troubleshooting of ceiling fans very seriously now. It is very important to know the functions of charger light, charger fan, blender machine, iron machine, etc. Usually, the fan rotates in the opposite direction, there is less wind production by the fan, the noise due to a jammed bearing, etc. are just some common problems of a ceiling fan.

These were the top 6 basic knowledge for an electrical engineer to know. All electrical engineers have passed through the above-mentioned situations. Some might have had coped with the situation. Some might not have. But, today, I am sure about the person reading this article will surely be able to overcome such a situation in life.

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