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Transmit Electricity without a Transmission Line | Is it possible?

Transmit electricity without a transmission line- is it really possible? Today let us provide some scientific argument behind it.

There might arise a question, is it possible to transmit electricity without a transmission line? Otherwise, if the question is put in this way then, the question may be, “What does PGCB (Power Grid Company of Bangladesh) need? Can I convert the 132,000 volts from the generating station to a customer or industry by converting them to 11,000 volts using a step-down transformer?

The question is very logical. But there is also logic above logic. Now, with that logic, logic is refuted.

transmit electricity without a transmission line- power lines
Power Lines

Mango and Transmission Line

Suppose, your uncle is a mango trader. He lives in Rangpur. He will collect Haribhanga mangoes from the mango farmers of Rangpur and send them to you and your brother.

transmit electricity without a transmission line- Ripe mango
Ripe Mango

You live in Chittagong and your brother lives in Dinajpur. You two brothers have a mango business. Now the question is, who is more likely to receive rotten mangoes?

In reply, you must say that before coming to Chittagong, the mangoes are more likely to be rotten compared to Dinajpur. Because Dinajpur is closer to Rangpur than Chittagong. The story of electricity is similar to the story of mango.

If you want to deliver electricity directly to the customer from the generating station, the amount of your system loss will increase a lot. Because power has to cross many paths from the generating station to the step-down transformer across rivers, hills, lakes. Again, due to the long distance, the system loss will increase a lot.

Think of yourself. If you start walking from home, the energy that you will have for the first few minutes, you will definitely not have that energy if you walk for an hour. Furthermore, if there is a hilly place on the way, then you will certainly get more tired.

Can I establish the Generating Station near the Residential Area?

In fact, what you want, it doesn’t actually is the one that you will get. Everything has some definite protocols. You have to follow these rules to the bitter end. The location of the power generation plant should be at a certain distance from the residential area. It has some geographical restrictions. The reason is simple. It is because of environmental pollution from plant chemical waste, noise. It is very dangerous for human settlement. So, an intermediate grid system is needed. Again, the Power Grid Company of Bangladesh does the work of this operation.

Ball Speed and Transmission Line

transmit electricity without a transmission line- kids playing football
Kids playing Football

Giving an example will make the matter more understandable. Suppose you kick a football directed towards your friend who is 100 feet away from you. Now, the ball will consecutively lose speed while traveling towards him. Maybe it won’t reach him at all. But if there is another player between you and him within 100 feet, then your friend is more likely to get the ball.

So we can say, the transmission line is like a bridge that carries uninterrupted power between the generation and distribution departments. Just as people on one side of a river use a bridge to get to the other side, the power system’s bridge is a transmission line. Therefore, it is not possible to think of an uninterrupted power system without a transmission line.

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