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When a low voltage is supplied to a fan or motor, what happens and why?

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Have you ever thought, when a low voltage is supplied to fan or motor, what happens and why? Many people say that no motor or fan should be run at low voltage. Let us learn what actually happens.

In fact, a fan and one type of motor fan are usually called a single-phase motor

For instance, the power of any motor depends on voltage and current. If it happens that the voltage is low but the current is high and the motor has the required power connection. 

Is it right to run a motor when a low voltage is supplied to fan or motor, what happens and why?

When a low voltage is supplied to fan or motor, what happens and why- Electric Fan
Electric Fan
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This should never happen. Because the maximum voltage and current of each motor are always predetermined. Now, let’s get to the main topic.

Suppose, a motor is running at a certain power. Suddenly, there is a voltage drop, the motor will want to keep its power constant so that it will try to take more current from the supply.

Furthermore, another thing to keep in mind is that when electricity flows through a wire, it tends to heat up, and the rate of heat production is proportional to the square of the current flowing through the wire. That is, if the current doubles, the heat will increase four times.

This is exactly the reason why the motor pulls more current with the load at low voltage, so the winding of the meter becomes very hot and burns at once.

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It is recommended to install Undervoltage relays and circuit breakers to protect the motor from low voltage. Many times customers usually use only protection in case of large motors. But, these problems are seen to be more in the case of small motors.

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