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Are electricity and electric current the same thing?

Are electricity and electric current the same thing? Well, are “Electricity” and “Current” the same? What do you think?

The answer is of course not. They will never be. The word current means flow. The word electricity does not imply flow only. There is more to it. Electricity can also be static. Such as static electricity which is caused by friction. This static electricity does not flow through any conductor.

In our childhood, we rubbed the pen on our oiled head and tried to stick a piece of paper in it. Even if we had done it unknowingly, it is just an application of static electricity.

So what does this mean? This explains what we want to learn. Electricity refers only to the existence of electric charge, not flow. Current refers to the flow of charge (electrons) inside a conductor.

Are electricity and electric current the same thing- AC-DC Current
AC-DC Current

That is, there are two types of electricity. E.g. :

  1. Statical Electricity
  2. Dynamic Electricity

Current is of two types. E.g. :

  1. AC Current
  2. DC Current

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