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Cellular Network and Local Call | Some Interesting Facts

Have you ever considered thinking about the cellular network and local call? If not then let’s discuss some interesting facts about it. We talk to each other via mobile. The question is how these calls are processed? Is it magic or something else? Today, I will talk about some of the interesting facts about the cellular network and local call. First of all let me say you, me, everyone is in cellular network coverage.

Cellular Network and Local Call- Texting via phone
Texting via Phone

Cellular network and Local Call

How many radio channels does a mobile company allocate in different areas? The cell is made up of many channels. Now, from this word “Cell” the word cellular network is derived. Our spoken words pass through this channel.

Let’s say I wrote someone’s number on my mobile. In fact, it would be wrong to say a mobile number. It’s actually a frequency number. Moreover, the call is the frequency dial. Multifrequency is generated when we press the number button. These are for 2G (900-1800 MHz), 3G (900 – 2100 MHz), 4G (900-2600MHz).

Now, suppose you threw the signal into the air. Then, where will it go? Then it revolves in the air. In the end, the revolving frequency goes to the antenna of the tower of your mobile company in your area.

Cellular Network and Data
Cellular Network and Data

Now, the question may come, there are so many company towers. How can my signal go to a specific tower?

When the mobile company installs the tower, they assign the frequency numbers of their subscribers to the tower.

So, the tower got the signal. Then it goes to the local switching station with the transmitting antenna. Then a radio channel is assigned to you. This is called Forward Channel. When that signal goes to the local area switching station of your friend, whom you are looking for. There is another channel created for your friend called Reverse Channel. Then the communication between the two started.

You will see many times that “the number is busy now”. The technical meaning of the word is that the customer of your desired number is already creating a radio channel and communicating with another customer.

You will see a lot of time, the call is cut off without a ring. This is called call drop. What does that mean? This means that there are currently no radio channels available for you in your area. All the radio channels are currently booked. This thing is more common when a lot of people gather in one place or on a special day like Eid, Puja.

Cellular Towar
Cellular Towar

Of course, there is an attempt to reduce this thing now. 

How? What if the channel in your area is not empty? This problem is solved by borrowing channels from your nearest area.

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