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What is a Radar Tracking System? You Should Know

What does a radar tracking system mean? Today, I will discuss with you regarding the radar tracking system and monitoring system.

Antenna tracking system

What is a Radar Tracking System- Antenna communication
Antenna Communication

There are two types of antenna tracking systems. E.g.

  1. Lobe Switching Tracking System
  2. Tracking System by Conical Scanning

The names may sound strange to hear. But things are much simpler & nicer. So, let us know the explanation of the first.

Lobe Switching Tracking System

The word “lobe” refers to the expansion of the electromagnetic field. The expansion of the electromagnetic field also indicates how far the target is and in what condition. The control tower’s operators inform the target’s current status by observing it.

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5 Best Hacks of Indoor Antenna

The location of the target will depend on the response of the two antennas and the nature of the electromagnetic field. What is it like? Suppose the target is far away from the two antennas. In this case the strength of the electromagnetic field will be very low. Again, if the first antenna is close but far from the second antenna then the first antenna will consume more electromagnetic field. Moreover, if the target is between two antennas then the field energy of the two antennas will be extreme.

The matter may seem a little blurry to many. It would be good to give an example. An ambulance is approaching you from far with a siren. Now, at first any one of your ears will hear better. But, when it comes through the middle position, both ears will hear loudly.

Tracking System by Conical Scanning

This type of tracking is very rare. Work is done with only one antenna. The antenna is of the isotropic type. This antenna is rotated around 360 degree angle and the location of the target is known by scanning the field every 5-10 degrees.

Conical scanning is the combining of its scanning pattern with the oral appearance of the conical flask. Suppose, you send a flying officer to a sky war with a plane. Then he can easily monitor where he is going, how many missiles he has fired in which direction. These issues will be clarified in the monitoring system below.

How the information obtained from the antenna is presented to the radio operator?

There are two types of monitoring systems:

  1. A Scope Monitoring System
  2. Monitoring by Plain Position Indicator

A Scope Monitoring System

In this system, the monitoring of all the information received by the receiver takes place with the help of an oscilloscope. Again, this oscilloscope is connected to the receiver of the radar system. By observing the amplitude, phase shift, fluctuations, etc. parameters of the electromagnetic pulse through an oscilloscope, it is possible to understand how far the radar can go.

Radio antenna
Radio Antenna

The farther the target goes, the weaker the field will be. The closer the amplitude, the sharper & higher it will be. However, this system is currently inadequate. It does not provide all the information about the latitude of the target. So, the use of Plane Position Indicator is now very wide.

Plane Position Indicator

The output of the Plane Position indicator is not like that of an oscilloscope. In fact, it will show all its information in a circular pattern. Through this, it is possible to get accurate information about direction, latitude, nature of motion, etc. Furthermore, this PPI has a circle on the display.

We can know the angular position, the direction through the indicator located in this circle. Furthermore, if this indicator moves very swiftly then I have to understand that the target is moving very fast. So, this is all for today. I hope this satisfies your question what is a radar tracking system?

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