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Effects of Electronics in Modern Life | Magical Impact of Electronics

What are the effects of electronics in modern life? If this is the question whose answer you are looking for, you are at the right place.

Effects of Electronics in Modern Life
Effects of Electronics in Modern Life

They store all the data on your computer, they store your money, complete calculations, and measure your heartbeat. It’ll be amazing for You to know how much they can do for you – they’re electronics. They’re inspiring everything from your digital watch to calculator, mobile, computer, laptop, TV, radio, and so on. The smallest part of the atom is called what we know as the electron. It moves in a certain direction and provides energy to the circuit. Again, we humans know how to run machines and process data using electronics. But how can such a small thing, which is not even worth seeing with the naked eye, help to make our imagination a reality?  Let’s take a closer look at the effects of electronics in modern life.

Electricity and Electronics

Electricity and electronics are intertwined, as their names suggest. However, many people are unable to differentiate between the two. Even a few days ago a close friend of mine asked me a question to know the difference between the two. So let’s discuss this first. In fact, electricity is a kind of massive energy, which we can use in almost any way. As a result, we can use it in a lot of ways. We also know electricity a a type of electromagnetic energy that flows through a circuit to help light an electric motor, heating element, electric car, toaster, and lamp in your home. In a word, we barely need electricity for electrical appliances to run and work. The effects of electronics in modern life is in fact this tiny processes about the electronic world.

Electronics is the smallest part of electricity i.e. a single electron of electric current. We can process these tiny electric currents carefully through complex circuits signals (processing of signals take place wh broadcasting radio, television programs) and storing and processing of data happens.  To know the difference between electricity and electronics we can take the example of a microwave oven. Here electricity provides energy, creates high-energy waves and that wave cooks food and electronics control the electrical circuit so that cooking is possible, understand?

Analog and Digital Electronics

Effects of Electronics in Modern Life- Analog Electronics
Analog Electronics

There are two ways to store any data, one is analog and the other is digital. If you have any idea about analog and digital technology, you must know this clearly. Speaking of analog photography, there’s a pattern of light and color coming directly from nature. Moreover, we can enhance the image by reacting with some kind of chemical. The analogy is working here because we can capture and store the light and color pattern of a place exactly like that. But we can do the same thing completely differently in any digital camera.  Instead of saving the light and color patterns directly, we can split the whole image into pieces and store as numbers. You can call a digital system a system that saves the shape of something in the form of a numbered pattern.

Daily Life and Electronics

If we were talking about an old radio or a black and white TV, the signal would come to the analog system and reach the TV or radio and an antenna on the radio or TV would capture that signal. These are analog signals. Because the signal coming from the radio station to your radio, the vibrating pattern of the frequency of that signal is just like the vibration of music or words playing on your radio.

When you speak or hear a sound, it creates a frequency in the air, creating a pattern. In the same way, we can capture and transmit the pattern of the same structure in the form of a signal, it will be an analog signal. But in the case of digital radio, things are different. First, we can convert the voice and music to digital format. That is, we can divide the word into many pieces, from which there is a creation of a pattern of zero or one. This time people send the pattern of zero or one with the help of a signal. The radio signal receives that digital signal on the radio and it turns into music again.

Most electronic devices today work on digital technology, such as digital radio, TV, computer, cellphone, digital camera, etc. Furthermore, these are what we know as digital electronics.  Old-fashioned radios and TVs worked on analog signals, so the electronics used there were called analog electronics.

Electronic Parts

If you ever look out of the window of a skyscraper at the city outside. There you will be able to see the connection of how many smaller buildings are to each other by different roads. Each building has different features and each has its own road.  There are separate roads throughout the city, which help different people to get to different buildings and different routes.

In the same way, the electronic components in a circuit are much like a city.  Like a separate building, each component has a different function and is linked to each by a printed metal connection. They are each located in a different place and complete different tasks. Below I discuss some of the most important components that need to be known.


Effects of Electronics in Modern Life- Resistors

A common part of any circuit. Electricity flows through any metal and electrons hold the electricity. The function of a register in a circuit is to limit the flow of electrons so that current or voltage can be reduced. Registers can have different sizes and different functions. The resistor is used to protect the circuit from over-voltage and also to turn the audio volume up and down.  Metals are electrically conductive, so they can easily transport electrons. They are capable of transporting as many electrons as they can flow. But a circuit may not require so much electricity. It may be necessary to impose a limit on the flow of electricity. Again, the setting of this limit takes place by the register.


Effects of Electronics in Modern Life- Diodes

You can compare a diode to a one-way street. Because a diode can only carry current in one direction. Diodes are also called rectifiers. An LED bulb is a special type of diode, where electricity is only allowed to flow in one direction.



The literal meaning of capacitors “electricity holder”. We can understand its work from this meaning. You use two electrical conductors and separate the two by a non-conductor, thus creating a capacitor. Capacitors can store “electricity” just as a computer hard drive can store your data. Capacitors are much like batteries and adding energy to a capacitor like a battery is what we know as charging. Again, releasing energy is what is discharging.

It takes time to charge the battery and it also takes time to discharge. But the discharging of the capacitor takes place very fast. You can say discharging of it takes place in seconds. If we talk about a camera flashlight, it requires a lot of high energy to fire. There is a capacitor installed. The capacitor is charged from the battery and discharged by a flash fire. This is one of the effects of electronics in modern life.



The most important part of any computer. The transistor can turn on or amplify the electric current. So you can also call the transistor a switch. Moreover, these switches are used as computer memory. Transistors can amplify any faint sound at high volume. Furthermore, when the transistors are connected to each other they form a logic gate, and thus the computer is able to make a decision.

Electronic Circuit

Electronic Circuit
Electronic Circuit

To be an electronic device, it is not necessary to have the components described above but to be equipped on a circuit. Analog circuits were much easier to make, as there were only a handful of components. But digital circuits or computer circuits are much more difficult and complex because they have thousands to millions of components connected together in a much smaller size.

If we are talking about connecting two electronic devices, then it is possible to connect them through ordinary copper wire. For example, if you want to connect an LED bulb with a line to the battery, it will work with two wires, but now think about how difficult it is to connect 100 bulbs in the same place at the same time. In the same way, the usage of a circuit is to connect many parts together without using it. Circuits are usually made of plastic and have copper connection tracks fitted to them.

Electronic Components

Copper connection track means that it is already lined up. The drilling of the circuit takes place earlier so that we can fit the components for proper connection. The fitting and soldering of Electronic components are at the holes in the circuit. This type of circuit is what is Printed Circuit or PCB.

Manually fitting and connecting of PCB is one of the advantages of PCB. But then another problem comes up when you think to add millions, millions of parts together. Again, that’s why the size of the previous computers was so gigantic, it would take a huge space to make a computer. In order to solve this problem, we can make one type of device from silicon, where we can glue billions of components to a single silicon chip. The size of which is not larger than your finger.  So, that’s why today’s computers are so small in size, high in power, and very cheap.


Modern devices are absolutely impossible without electronics. Everything from computers to cell phones, radios, TVs, heartbeat scanners, etc., has a touch of electronics. Even if you are asked to imagine, “Guess a device other than electronics” – no doubt you will be in trouble to imagine. The proliferation of electronics is increasing day by day and it will continue to increase. I have always had a great love for electronics. I hope you were able to know the effects of electronics in modern life. Don’t forget to comment below to give your opinion about the future and present of electronics.

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