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Nikola Tesla Interview | No One Who Ever Lived Did Not Die

Nikola Tesla the mind behind the invention of Alternating Current (AC) and transmission technology is a true example of genius. This article highlights a Nikola Tesla interview that was conducted by John Smith in 1899.

Smiljan, a little town in the Lika-Senj region, is the birthplace of one of history’s greatest innovators. Nikola Tesla is his name. Nikola Tesla, the inventor, has one of humanity’s most inventive and productive minds.

In one of its rays is the fate of nations, each nation has its own ray in that great light source, which we see as the Sun. And, remember that 

“No one who ever lived did not die.”

Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla

Birth in Thunderstorm

During a violent lightning storm, Nikola Tesla got birth at midnight 166 years ago. Midway through the birth, the midwife clutched her hands and deemed the lightning a terrible omen, according to family lore. She predicted that this kid would be a child of darkness, to which his mother answered, “No. He’ll be a light-bearing child.”

Interview with Nikola Tesla

During a conversation with writer John Smith in 1899, 

Nikola Tesla stated, 

“Everything is the Light.” 

The fate of countries is written in one of its beams; each nation has its ray in that immense light source known as the Sun. And keep in mind that no guy who has lived did not die.

Nikola Tesla Interview with John Smith
Nikola Tesla Interview with John Smith

Journalist: Mr. Tesla, you have earned the reputation as a guy who became involved in cosmic processes. Mr. Tesla, who are you?

Tesla: Mr. Smith, you’ve asked the correct question, and I’ll do my best to answer it.

Journalist: Some say you’re from Croatia, from the town of Lika, where trees, rocks, and a starry sky bloom with the inhabitants. They say your hometown is called for mountain flowers, and the house where you were born is near a forest and a church.

Tesla: Everything is true. I’m proud of my Serbian ancestors and my Croatian roots.

Journalist: According to futurists, 

  1. Nikola Tesla was the father of the twenty-first century. 
  2. They chant songs to the Inductions engine and applaud opposing magnetic fields. 
  3. Their Creator was known as the hunter who gathered light in his net from the depths of the Earth, as well as the warrior who seized fire from heaven. 
  4. The father of alternating current will dominate physics and Chemistry. 
  5. The industry will hail him as their highest saint, a banker for the wealthiest patrons. 

A fractured atom was discovered in Nikola Tesla’s laboratory for the first time. A weapon that creates seismic vibrations has been developed. There have been discoveries of black cosmic rays. Five species would pray to him in the future Temple because they revealed a profound secret: Empedocles’ materials might be nourished with life energies from the ethers.

Tesla and His Achievements
Tesla and His Achievements

Tesla: Yes, they are some of the most significant findings I’ve made. I’m a broken man. I did not do everything I could have.

Journalist: Mr. Tesla, what is it?

Tesla: I wanted to light up the entire planet. There is enough power to power a second sun. As a ring encircling Saturn, Light would emerge around the equator.

Humanity is unprepared for the magnificent. I drenched the Earth in electricity in Colorado Springs. We may also think of other energies, such as good mental energy. They may be found in Bach’s or Mozart’s music, as well as renowned poets’ lines. The force of Joy, Peace, and Love pervades the Earth’s interior. Their manifestations include:

  • A flower that blooms from the Earth.
  • The nourishment we acquire from her.
  • Everything that constitutes man’s country.

I’ve spent years researching how this energy may affect humans. The beauty and fragrance of roses may be utilized as medicine, and the Sun’s rays can be used as nourishment.

Life exists in an endless variety of forms, and scientists must look for it in all types of substances. Three things are critical in this situation. I do nothing except look for them. I know I won’t locate them, but I’m not going to give up on them.

Journalist: What exactly are these things?

Tesla: Food is one of the issues. 

  • What is the best energy source, celestial or terrestrial, to feed the world’s hungry? 
  • What wine quenched their thirst, allowing them to rejoice in their hearts and realize they are Gods?

Another goal is to eradicate the force of evil and sorrow that permeates man’s life! In the depths of space, they might occasionally appear as an epidemic. The sickness had spread from Earth to the whole of the Universe by this century.

The final question is whether there is an overabundance of Light in the Universe. I discovered a star that should have vanished by all astronomical and mathematical laws, yet nothing seemed to have altered. This star can be found in this galaxy. Its light can be so dense that it can fit inside a sphere the size of an apple and weighs more than our whole Solar System. Religions and ideologies say that man can become Christ, Buddha, or Zoroaster. What I’m attempting to demonstrate is more daring and virtually impossible to do. Because this is how the Universe works, every creature is born as Christ, Buddha, or Zoroaster.

I understand that gravity is a threat to everything you need to fly, and my goal is not to build flying machines (plane or missiles) but to educate people on how to restore awareness of their wings.

In addition, I’m attempting to awaken the energy present in the air. There are primary energy sources. What has been thought of as space is only a manifestation of matter that has not been awakened.

There is no space in our world or the Universe. Astronomers talk about black holes as the most powerful producers of energy and life.

Journalist: Every morning, the birds come at the window of your room on the 33rd floor of the hotel “Valdorf-Astoria.”

Tesla: A man must have feelings for birds. This is due to their wings. Humans previously had them, the actual and visible ones!

Journalist: You haven’t stopped flying since your days in Smiljan!

Tesla: I intended to fly from the roof, but I fell: Children’s calculations may be incorrect. Keep in mind that the youth wings have everything in life!

Things you didn't know about Nikola Tesla
Things you didn’t know about Nikola Tesla

Journalist: Did you ever get married? It is unknown whether you have feelings for love or a lady. Photos from your youth reveal that you were a lovely young guy.

Tesla: Of course. No, I did not. There are two points of view: a lot of affection or none at all. The center’s purpose is to revitalize the human race. Women nourish and increase the vigor and spirit of some persons. Being single has the same effect on others. I picked the second option.

Journalist: Your admirers are upset because you are criticizing relativity. The weird thing is your claim that matter has no energy. Everything has energy as a charge, but where is it?

Tesla: Energy came first, then matter.

Journalist: Mr. Tesla, it’s similar to when you stated you were born by your father and not on you.

Tesla: That’s right! What about the Universe’s birth? The matter consists of the primordial and everlasting force known as light. It shined, and stars, planets, man, and everything on Earth and the Universe appeared. Because energy is older than matter. Matter is a representation of endless forms of light. Creation follows four laws. The first is the root of all the perplexing, dark plot that neither the intellect nor mathematics can comprehend. The entire Universe fit within the storyline.

The second law is that darkness, which is the real nature of light, spreads from the unexplained and is changed into light. The third law is that light must become a Light substance. According to the fourth law, there is no beginning or end; the three prior principles constantly apply, and the Creation is eternal.

Journalist: You go so far as to offer lectures against the theory of relativity’s Creator at your birthday celebrations.

Tesla: Remember, it is the human mind, not curved space, that is incapable of comprehending infinity and eternity! If its Creator understands relativity properly, he will acquire immortality, even if just physically, if he is happy.

I’m a part of a light composed of music. I use all six of my senses to 

  • see, 
  • hear, 
  • feel, 
  • smell, 
  • touch, and 
  • think about the light. 
Tesla in 1879, while 23.
Tesla in 1879, while 23.

It makes me feel as if I had a sixth sense when I think about it. We can capture light particles. A bolt of lightning may be regarded as a sonata in its own right. A thousand lightning strikes constitute a concert. I composed a composition called Ball Lightning for this concert, which can be heard from the freezing heights of the Himalayas.

A scientist may not and must not trespass on Pythagoras or mathematics. Numbers and equations are symbols that represent the spheres’ song. Einstein would not have developed ideas of relativity if he had heard these noises. Moreover, these sounds communicate to the mind that life has significance, that the Universe exists in perfect harmony, and that the beauty of the Universe is the cause and result of Creation. This melody represents the endless cycle of the celestial sky.

The tiniest star has finished its composition and is now a member of the heavenly symphony. Moreover, man’s heartbeats are part of the Earth’s symphony. Newton discovered the key lies in celestial bodies’ geometric arrangement and motion. He realized the existence of the greatest rule of harmony in the Universe. The curved space represents chaos, and chaos is not music. Einstein is the voice of the age of sound and fury.

Journalist: Do you hear that melody, Mr. Tesla?

Tesla: It’s something I hear all the time. My spiritual ear spans the entire breadth of the sky above us. The radar heightened my natural ear. Two parallel lines will collide at infinity, according to the Theory of Relativity. As a result, Einstein’s curvature will become more straight. The sound is persistent once it is made. For a man, it may fade away, yet it lives on in the stillness that is man’s greatest strength.

No, I have nothing against Mr. Einstein. He is a compassionate person who has done many wonderful things, some of which will be mentioned in the song. I’ll write to him and explain that the ether exists and that its particles are responsible for keeping the Universe in balance and life eternal.

Journalist: Could you perhaps tell me what conditions Angel adopts on Earth?

Tesla: I’ve got ten of those. Maintain meticulous recordkeeping.

Journalist: Dear Mr. Tesla, I will record everything you say.

Tesla: The first necessity is a strong understanding of the organization’s mission and the job that has to be done. It must have existed, though faintly, in the beginning. Let us not be deceived; Oak recognizes that he is an oak tree and that the bush next to him is just a shrub. I planned to go to Niagara Falls when I was twelve years old. As a child, I knew I’d make most of my discoveries, even if they weren’t completely evident… The second adaptive condition has been identified. I completed everything I could. Journalist: Mr. Tesla, what is the third condition of adjustment?

Tesla: Guidance for all essential and spiritual energy in the workplace. As a result, cleansing of man’s numerous impacts and demands. As a result, I have gained rather than lost.

So I had a good time every day and night. Make a note that Nikola Tesla was a contented guy… The fourth criterion is to make changes to the physical assembly with a work.

Journalist: Mr. Tesla, what do you mean?

Tesla: First, the assembly needs to be maintained. The human body is a wonderful mechanism. I’m familiar with my circuit and what’s best for him. To me, the food that virtually everyone consumes is toxic and deadly. Sometimes I imagine that all of the world’s cooks are conspiring against me. Take my hand in yours.

Journalist: It was chilly.

Tesla: Of course. Many systems in and around us, including the bloodstream, may be influenced. Why are you scared, young man?

Journalist: It’s a narrative inspired by you that Mark Twain created about a mysterious stranger, that marvelous book of Satan.

Tesla: “Lucifer” is more endearing. Mr. Twain enjoys making people laugh. I was once cured as a youngster by reading his novels. When we met here and informed him about it, he was so moved that he burst into tears. We became friends, and he frequently visited my lab. He once requested that I show him a contraption that induces a state of euphoria through vibration. It was one of those inventions for fun, which I enjoy doing on occasion.

Tesla on the 1931 cover of Time Magazine, at around 75.
Tesla on the 1931 cover of Time Magazine, at around 75.

I cautioned Mr. Twain not to stay in the presence of these vibrations. He was deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafening. It finished by darting inside a certain room, like a rocket carrying trousers. I preserved the solemnity even though it was diabolically humorous.

However, dream, in addition to food, is highly vital in adjusting the bodily circuit. After a hard and strenuous day of work that took a superhuman effort, I’d be restored after just one hour of sleep. I learned how to control my sleep, fall asleep, and wake up when I set for myself. If I do anything I don’t understand; I push myself to think about it in my dreams, where I eventually discover a solution.

Tesla: Memory is the sixth adjustment criterion. Perhaps in most people, the brain is the repository of information about the world and knowledge gathered through life. My brain is doing something more vital than remembering; it is selecting what is needed at any given time. This may be found everywhere around us. It should only be eaten. Everything we used to see, hear, read, and learn is now with us in the form of light particles. These particles appear to be obedient and true to me.

My favorite book, Goethe’s Faust, I learned by heart in German as a student and can now repeat it verbatim. I kept my innovations “in my thoughts” for years before realizing them.

Journalist: You frequently stressed the importance of vision.

Tesla: I may have to credit visualization for everything I developed. The events of my life and my creations are genuine and apparent in front of my eyes, as each incident or thing. In my adolescence, I was terrified of not understanding it, but I subsequently learned to use this capacity as a rare talent and gift. I nourished it while zealously guarding it. Moreover, I also corrected most of my innovations by visualization and finished them that way; I mentally solved complicated mathematical equations using visualization. For that gift, I shall be elevated to the status of High Lama in Tibet.

The music is the light, and I am a part of it. My six senses are all flooded with the light: I see it, hear it, feel it, smell it, touch it, and think about it. That makes me feel like I have a sixth sense when I think about it. Light Particles are recorded. A bolt of lightning might be considered a sonata in and of itself. A concert is a thousand lightning bolts. For this concert, I wrote a Ball Lightning, which may be heard on the Himalayan ice caps.

Nikola Tesla Interview in a magazine named 'Liberty'
Nikola Tesla Interview in a magazine named ‘Liberty’

Yes, Tesla. It is frequently the result of tiredness or a lack of vitality, but it is also frequently the cleaning of the mind and body from poisons that have been collected. A guy needs to experience pain from time to time. The spirit is the source of the majority of diseases. As a result, most ailments may be cured by the spirit. As a student, I had cholera, which was raging in the Lika area. My father ultimately permitted me to study technology, my passion, and I was healed. For me, the illusion was the mind’s ability to see beyond the three dimensions of the planet, not an illness.

They’ve been with me my entire life, and I’ve accepted them as any other natural occurrence. 

“From the water will arise the trout,” 

I started as a youngster as we walked down the river with Uncle. 

“I’ll toss a stone, and it will be chopped.” 

That is precisely what took place. 

“Bade retro Satan’s!” exclaimed his uncle, terrified and surprised. 

He had a Latin accent and was well-educated.

My mother’s death occurred when I was in Paris. Wonderful animals glided across the sky, full of light and song. One of them featured a persona resembling a mother and staring at me with unending affection. I knew my mother had died when the apparition faded away.

Journalist: Mr. Tesla, what is the seventh adjustment?

Tesla: Knowing how mental and vital energy transforms into what we want and mastering all emotions. Hindus have given it the name Kundalini Yoga. This information can be learned over a long period of time or acquired from birth. I was born with the majority of them. They have the strongest ties to sexual energy that is the most widely distributed in the Universe. The greatest robber of such energy, and consequently of spiritual force, is the woman.

That’s something I’ve always known and been made aware of. I made what I wanted out of myself: a thoughtful and spiritual machine.

Journalist: A ninth adjustment, Mr. Tesla?

Tesla: Do everything you can on each given day, at any given moment, to remember who we are and why we are on this planet. Extraordinary individuals battling a disease, poverty, or a society that damages them with its foolishness, misunderstanding, persecution, and other issues, which the nation is full of marshes with insects, leave unclaimed until the task is completed. There are a lot of fallen angels on our planet.

Journalist: What is the title of the eleventh adaptation?

Tesla: It is quite significant. Mr. Tesla had a part to play; therefore, he wrote it down. He had a great time playing for the rest of his life.

Journalist: Greetings, Mr. Tesla! Whether it has anything to do with your results and work? Is this some game?

Tesla: Yes, my kind man. I’ve always enjoyed tinkering with electricity! When I hear about the Greek who stole fire, I always get a shiver. 

A horrible story of eagles pecking at his liver and studding. 

Is it possible that Zeus didn’t have enough lightning and thunder and was harmed due to one fervor? There’s a misunderstanding here…

Lightning is one of the most stunning toys available. Remember to include in your writing that Nikola Tesla was the first person to find lightning.

Journalist: You’re only talking about angels and their adaption to Earth, Mr. Tesla.

Tesla: Is it true that I am? The situation is the same. You may write something like this: he ventured to usurp the powers of Indri, Zeus, and Peron. Imagine one of these gods, dressed in a black evening suit, bowler hat, and white cotton gloves, preparing lightning, flames, and earthquakes for the elite of New York City!

Journalist: Our readers like our paper’s wit. However, you perplex me by claiming that your discoveries, which have enormous societal advantages, reflect the game. It will be frowned upon by many.

Tesla: Mr. Smith, the problem is that people take themselves far too seriously. They would have lived much longer and happier if they had not been. According to a Chinese saying, earnestness shortens life. When Tai Pe went to the inn, he assumed he was going to the Imperial Palace. But, so that the newspaper readers do not frown, let us return to the topics that they find vital.

Journalist: They’d want to know about your ideology.

Tesla: Life has a rhythm that has to be understood. I sense the beat and devote my attention to it, allowing myself to be pampered by it. It was really appreciative and provided me with the information I currently possess. Amoebas and the Sun, the heart, and the circulation of an infinite number of planets are linked by a profound and majestic tie. These links are unbreakable, yet they may be controlled and nurtured so that new and distinct relationships can be created in the world without interfering with the prior ones. Knowledge originates from space, and our vision is the perfect example of it. 

We have two kinds of eyes: 

  1. Worldly and 
  2. Spiritual. 

It is advised that it become one eye. The Universe, like a thinking animal, is alive in all of its incarnations.

Like plants, beasts, and man, Stone is a thinking and sentient entity. A shining light begged us to look at it, and if we weren’t so self-absorbed, we would grasp its language and message. Man’s breathing, eyes, and ears must be in sync with the Universe’s breathing, eyes, and hearing.

Journalist: As you speak, it appears to me that I hear Buddhist scriptures, phrases, or Taoist parazulzusa.

Tesla: That’s correct! This suggests that man has always held general knowledge and truth. According to my perception and experience, the Universe consists of just one material and one ultimate energy, with an endless number of living forms. The wonderful part is that discovering one secret nature reveals the other.

There is nowhere to hide; they are all around us, yet we are blind and deaf to them. If we emotionally bind ourselves to them, they will come to us. There are many apples, but only one Newton. He requested only one apple that had fallen in front of him.

Journalist: A question that may be posted at the start of this discourse. What did electricity mean to you, Mr. Tesla?

Tesla: Everything is powered by electricity. The first was light, an infinite source from which material is pointed out and distributed in all forms that reflect the Universe and the Earth with all of its characteristics of life. The actual face of light is black, yet we cannot perceive it. It is a great act of grace toward man and other species. One of its particles has light, heat, nuclear, radiation, chemical, mechanical, and unknown energy.

With its orbit, it has the ability to power the Earth. It is a genuine Archimedean lever.

Journalist: Mr. Tesla, you’re overly focused on electricity.

Tesla: I am electricity. Or, if you like, I am energy in human form. Mr. Smith, you are Electricity as well, but you are unaware of it.

Journalist: Is it thus your ability to allow fails of electricity of one million volts through your body?

Tesla: Consider a gardener who is being assaulted by herbs. This is, indeed, insane. 

Man’s body and brain are made up of 

  1. A lot of energy; most of it is in me. 
  2. The energy that is unique to each individual is what gives rise to the human “I” or “soul.” 
  3. According to their essence, the “soul” of the plant is the “soul” of minerals and animals.
A newspaper article claiming new discoveries by Tesla
A newspaper article claiming new discoveries by Tesla

Light manifests brain function and death. My eyes were black when I was younger, now blue, and as time passes and the pressure on the brain increases, they are closer to white. Heaven’s hue is white. I fed a white dove that had arrived through my window one morning. She wanted to inform me that she was dying. Light jets were erupting from her eyeballs. I’d never seen so much brightness in the eyes of any creature as I did in that pigeons.

Journalist: Employees at your lab have spoken of flashes of light, flames, and lightning that occur when you are upset or in a dangerous situation.

Tesla: It’s a psychic discharge or a warning to be on the lookout. I was usually on the right side of the light. Do you know how I developed the rotating magnetic field and induction motor, which made me famous at the age of twenty-six? One summer evening in Budapest, I watched the sunset with my buddy Sigetijem.

Thousands of fires were circling in a variety of burning hues. I remembered Faust and read his lyrics before seeing a whirling magnetic field and an induction motor as though in a fog. I noticed them in the sunlight!

Journalist: Hotel staff advising that you isolate yourself in your room during a lightning strike and talk to yourself.

Tesla: I communicate with lightning and thunder.

Journalist: Are you with them? What language, Mr. Tesla?

Tesla: Mostly in my native tongue. It has the words and sounds that are appropriate for it, especially in poetry.

Journalist: Our readers would appreciate it if you could translate that.

Tesla: The sound exists not only in thunder and lightning but also in its metamorphosis into brightness and color. It is possible to hear color. Language is made up of words, which implies it is made up of sounds and colors. Each thunder and lightning bolt is unique and has a name. I address some of them by the names of people close to me or who I admire.

My mother, sister, brother Daniel, poet Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj, and other figures from Serbian history dwell in the sky, light, and thunder. Names such AsIsaiah, Ezekiel, Leonardo da Vinci, Beethoven, Goya, Faraday, Pushkin, and all flaming fires mark the shoals, and tangles of lightning and thunder do not cease all night giving valuable rain and burning forests or villages to the Earth.

There is lightning and thunder, and these are the brightest and most powerful things that will never go away. They’re returning, and I know them amid the multitudes.

Journalist: Is science or poetry the same to you?

Tesla: These are a single person’s two eyes. William Blake was taught that the images created the Universe, that it exists, and that it will exist until the last man on Earth dies. It had a wheel for astronomers to collect stars from all galaxies. In terms of creative energy, it is the same as light energy.

Journalist: Do you believe that your imagination is more real than actuality itself?

Tesla: It is the source of life. I have been fed by my teachers; I’ve learned to manage my emotions, dreams, and visions. I’ve always treasured, as I cultivated my zeal. I lived my entire life in bliss. That was the source of my joy. It helped me get through all those years of effort, which was more than enough for the five lives. Because of the stellar light and intimate relationship, it is ideal for working at night.

Journalist: You stated that I, like all other beings, am the light. This flatters me, but I confess, I do not quite understand.

Tesla: Why would you need to understand, Mr. Smith? It’s enough to make you believe it. Everything is made of light. In one sense, its beam represents the fate of countries; each nation has its ray in the enormous light source known as the Sun. And keep in mind that no one present died. They were converted into light and continue to exist as such. The key is that the light particles return to their original condition.

Journalist: This is the rebirth!

Tesla: I like to refer to it as 

“return to a former energy.” 

The secret was known to Christ and a few others. I’m looking for ways to conserve human energy. It is a type of light, sometimes straight and bright like heavenly light. I have sought it not for my benefit but the benefit of others. My findings make people’s lives easier and more tolerable while also directing them toward spirituality and morality.

Journalist: Do you believe that time can be eliminated?

Tesla: No, because the primary property of energy is that it transforms. As clouds of Taoists, it is always changing. However, a man retains consciousness after his earthly existence might be used to one’s advantage. There is the life force in every corner of the Universe; one of them is immortality, whose genesis is outside of man, waiting for him.

The Universe is spiritual, but we are just halfway there. The Universe is more moral than we are since we do not understand its nature and how to live in harmony. I am not a scientist. But, science is maybe the most convenient method for discovering an answer to the issue that haunts me and turns my days and nights into flames.

Journalist: What’s the matter?

Tesla: How have your eyes glowed? What I was curious about was what happens to a falling star after the Sun goes out. In this way, stars fall like dust or seed, and the Sun is disseminated in our brains, throughout the lives of innumerable species, to be reborn as a new light or cosmic wind spread in eternity.

Tesla on the Serbian dinar note
Tesla on the Serbian dinar note

I realize that this is a vital part of the Universe’s structure. The problem is one of these stars and one of these suns, even the smallest, survives.

Journalist: But, Mr. Tesla, you understand that this is required and that it is written into the world’s constitution!

Tesla: When a man becomes concussed; his highest goal must be to run for a shooting star and try to capture it; he shall understand that his life was given to him because of this and will be saved. Stars will eventually be capable of catching!

Journalist: So, what happens next?

Tesla: The Creator will chuckle and say, 

“It only falls to you to track her down and seize her.”

Journalist: Isn’t all of this at odds with the cosmic anguish you frequently reference in your writings? And what exactly is it, cosmic agony?

Tesla: No, because we’re here on Earth. It is an ailment that the great majority of people are unaware of. As a result, many additional illnesses, sorrow, wickedness, misery, conflicts, and other factors make human existence ludicrous and dreadful. Although this condition cannot be treated, raising awareness will make it less difficult and dangerous. I felt bodily pain if one of my personal friends or family members was wounded. This is because our bodies are comprised of identical material, and unbreakable strands link our souls. Inexplicable grief that overwhelms us sometimes implies that a kid or a nice guy died on the other side of the world.

At times, the entire Universe is sick of itself and us. The demise of a star and the appearance of comets have far-reaching consequences for mankind. Relationships among Earth’s species are stronger; as a result of our sentiments and thoughts, the flower will fragrance even more beautifully or fall silently.

We must learn these realities to be healed. The solution lies in our hearts and the hearts of the animals we name the Universe.


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